MA008/SJSU/summer2013/emails/20130628psitems is ... Math 8 Student, This is our last week of the Math 8 course. Your final exam is this weekend.

  1. Remember to sign up for the exam. ( The exam must be taken on either August 8 th or August 9th.
  2. Complete Problem Set 10 by Sunday the 11th at 11:59 pm PDT.
  3. As a bonus: You may also redo any of the problem sets until Sunday the 11th@ 11:59 pm PDT. As a reminder: If the grade on your final exam is higher than your grade on exam 1 or exam 2, then it will be used to replace the lower of the two grades. The exam will cover all information from the entire course up to and including the Problem Set #10. Good Luck! Regards, Dr Spitzer How to get help: Course wiki: Syllabus: Email archive: Setup steps: For Credit FAQ: