MA008/SJSU/summer2013/emails/20130628ps7 is ... Dear Math 8 Student,

On Sunday July 21, 11:59 pm PST your seventh problem set, Problem Set 7 ((!/c-ma008/l-189036184) is due. No credit will be given to problem sets submitted after the deadline (sorry, no extensions will be given).

Lastly, this a reminder that the second exam covers material from Problem Sets #5, 6, 7 and 8. The exam is to be taken on July 26 th or 27th.Please be sure to sign up for the exam.  Please read this document ( and sign up for a time to take the exam immediately. Unfortunately, I am unable to handle any technical issues so if you have difficulties with this process, please contact one of the emails provided on document above.

Good luck!

Regards, Dr. Spitzer

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