Sharing Your Work Outside the Class

You are never required to share anything you do in this class outside the class. The only people with whom you are required to share your work are the members of the teaching team and your classmate partners during peer review.

You are, however, allowed to share your work outside the class if you so choose. Given the open-ended nature of this project, we are not concerned with plagiarism by students in future semesters, and we are aware that your work in this class could — and hopefully will — lead to additional opportunities after the class is over.

Opportunities for Sharing Work

If you choose to share your work outside the class, there are a number of opportunities you may be able to leverage:

  • Talk to experts in the field in which you're interested! You're free to reach out to them directly to see if anyone would be willing to chat about your ideas. The teaching team and your classmates also may have valuable contacts that you can use, so if you're interested in talking to someone in a particular area, post as such in the class forum and see if anyone can connect you. If you want to speak to anyone at Udacity, I'm certain I can set that up, and I'm sure your classmates and the members of the teaching team will have contacts in local schools, in the EdTech industry, or in academia.
  • Post your work to your personal web site, blog, or social media site. Many students already do this at the end of the semester, but in this class where you're encouraged to solicit feedback and ideas, why wait? Post it during the semester and see if you can get feedback from the outside world.
  • Post your work to the rest of the class, or with the rest of the OMS program. You'll already be getting feedback from a few classmates and your mentor during peer review, but if you think there might be certain classmates with backgrounds better-suited to your work, go ahead and share your work with them, too. This may be especially valuable if you're looking to design a tool to use here in the OMS program — you have a readily accessible body of potential users to query via Google+, the Facebook page, HipChat, or Slack.

Sharing in the Course Library

We will never share your work without your consent. In the class surveys, we will ask for your consent to add your project presentation and paper to this course library, which would share it with future students in this class, and with the public. If you would prefer, we can also exclusively share your work with future students in the class without making it publicly available. You are also welcome to share it on your own personal web site, and we will add it to the library as a link to your site.

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