Tips For The Class: Contributing to the Library

This library is intended to be a living, expanding compendium of information and topics. While we've done our best to seed it with some initial information, we're absolutely hoping to see it expand over time. But while the library is constructed on a wiki infrastructure, we're initially keeping editing closer — the wiki software here doesn't allow us to toggle permissions based solely on whether you're enrolled in the class, and at least for now, we'd like to prevent anyone on the internet from being able to modify these pages. This might change later.

So, for now, you can contribute to the library using a form we've provided. At the bottom of every page, you'll find this text:

Interested in adding to this page? Please complete and submit our contribution form and we'll process your additions soon!

You can use that form to submit additional sources, additional pages under existing sources, additional topics, or fixes to existing pages. We're incredibly interested in growing the library and helping future students, and what's great about this class is that discovering and contributing sources helps you learn more about this field as well, especially its most recent developments. So, whenever you find some material you think other students might find useful, please contribute it to the library.

Over time, we'll be adding student projects and papers, new interviews, software demonstrations, and more to the library. In addition to making your own contributions, please also tell us what you like and don't like in the library. For example, are interviews useful? Are biographies of active researchers helpful? Are there too many articles sometimes, or too few? What would you like to see more of, or less of?

Lastly, if you're enrolled in CS6460, contributing to the library is also one way of earning participation credit. We evaluate participation as anything you do to make the class better for your classmates, and contributing to the library of information is certainly a way to do that. So, we encourage you to contribute!