Differential Equations in Action

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Course Resources

Supplementary Materials

  1. Python Tips and Tricks

  2. Python Learning Aids

  3. Plotting Graphs with Python

Advanced Materials

  1. Forward Euler Method, energy drift

  2. Error of the Forward Euler Method, LTE

Downloadable Materials

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Course Syllabus

Lesson 1: Houston We Have a Problem

Lesson 2: Houston We Have a Solution

Lesson 3: Contagion

Lesson 4: Responsible Fishing

Lesson 5: Antilock Braking Systems

Lesson 6: Wildfire

Lesson 7: Advanced Applications of Numerical Methods

Course Assessment


A huge thank you to Jörn Loviscach, an absolutely wonderful teacher and person, for creating and maintaining this course. Also, thank you to the Udacity Video Production Team for bringing this class together (and for making the awesome trailer).