Advanced Operating Systems

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Advanced Operating Systems is a graduate-level course taught by Georgia Tech Professor Kishore Ramachandran that addresses a broad range of topics in operating system design and implementation, including

  • operating systems structuring
  • synchronization, communication and scheduling in parallel systems
  • distributed systems, their communication mechanisms, distributed objects and middleware
  • failures and recovery management
  • system support for Internet-scale computing

By tracing the key ideas of today's most popular systems to their origins in research, the class highlights the key developments in operating system design over the last two decades and illustrates how insight has evolved to implementation.


Students are expected to have taken an undergraduate OS course, or have some experience in industry. A good understanding of the concepts in a standard textbook such as "Operating Systems Concepts," Silberschatz and Galvin (or its equivalent) will be assumed in this course. Students must also be comfortable with UNIX and C programming.

There is also a Refresher course, taught by Course Developer Charles Brubaker, for students who wish to brush-up on the background concepts of Advanced Operating Systems.

Reading List

To get the most out of the course, you will want to read the papers discussed in the lessons.