Software Development Process (Summer 2015)

Software Development Process is a Georgia Tech graduated-level course offered by Udacity, taught by Alex Orso.


This wiki serves as the syllabus


This includes deadlines and pacing info for all 4 courses.

Assignment info

There will be several individual assignments in the course, which are required and graded.  See the grades section to see how much each assignment counts toward the overall course grade.

Project info

In addition to the assignments, there will be a final (mini) project in the course, to be completed individually as well. We will provide complete information about the project on T-Square and Piazza in due time. See the grades section to see how much the project counts toward the overall course grade.

Udacity quizzes

In addition to the assignments and the project, you are required to complete all Udacity quizzes. Completion of these quizzes will count toward your overall course grade, so make sure to watch all the videos and complete all the quizzes in the course.  See the grades section to see how much these count toward the overall course grade.

Note that you are not required to get the correct answer on these quizzes on the first try.  You should feel free to submit answers even if you are not 100% sure that you are correct.  You should attempt to get the correct answer before watching the solution video, but if you are frustrated and after several tries have not managed to get the answer we were expecting, feel free to watch the solution video then come back to the quiz.  There should be no reason not to get the correct answer in the end, since the solution videos are freely available, so we will take off points for quizzes left incorrect.  We will look only at your last submission, so if you get it right, then change you answer later, you will not get credit for that quiz.

Submission Instructions

Specific submission instructions will be included with the project and assignment descriptions on T-Square.


You will receive grades through T-Square.  See the chart below for how much each graded item counts toward the overall grade for the course.

Please note that we may change these percentages slightly during the course of the semester.

Item Amount of Overall Course Grade
Assignment 1 2%
Assignment 2 8%
Assignment 3 8%
Assignment 4 12%
Assignment 5 10%
Assignment 6 12%
Assignment 7 10%
Assignment 8 12%
Project 20%
Udacity quizzes 1%
Participation 5% — Assigned based on Piazza presence (posts viewed and contributions)

Late policy

Please be sure to complete all assignments and project deliverables by the due dates, which can be found in T-Square. For most assignments and project deliverables, students will get 50% of the grade if they turn it in within two days after the deadline (most of the deadlines will be at 11:59 AOE). After that, the students won't be able to submit and will get 0 points for it. For fairness to all students, we make no exceptions to this rule.

Contesting grades

You have two weeks after a given grade has been released to contest it. After that, we will consider the grade final.


We will be using Piazza for class discussion. The system is highly catered to getting you help fast and efficiently from classmates, the TAs, and the Instructor.


Please use Piazza for all course-related communication. This includes both public and private communication. If you need to send a message to an instructor and/or one or more of the TAs, please do not use email but send a private message on Piazza instead. We will not respond to email messages.

Academic Honesty

All Georgia Tech students are expected to uphold the Georgia Tech Academic Honor Code.


Note: this page and other informational pages are locked because they contain important information that should not need to be modified, and could lead to confusion if it were edited unintentionally or maliciously.

Minimum Technical Requirements

Minimum requirements for optimal student experience on Udacity:

  • Browser and connection speed: An up-to-date version of Chrome or Firefox is strongly recommended. We also support Internet Explorer 9 and the desktop versions of Internet Explorer 10 and above (not the metro versions). 2+ Mbps recommended; at minimum 0.768 Mbps download speed

  • Operating system: PC: Windows XP or higher with latest updates installed Mac: OS X 10.6 or higher with latest updates installed Linux: Any recent distribution that has the supported browsers installed

Georgia Tech Computing Guide

Georgia Tech's Office of Student Computer Ownership issues the following Minimum Hardware Requirements to incoming undergraduates. We recommend that you meet or exceed these guidelines to ensure you have sufficient computing power to complete all course work and assignments.