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Online education that bridges the gap between academic and real world skills. Taught by industry leaders excited to share their expertise from companies such as Google, Facebook, Cloudera, and MongoDB.

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There’s real depth to our courses. Don’t just learn how to code, learn how to program. Bring design thinking together with programming skills to create projects. And move up in your career as you take more courses in our tracks.

Don’t just learn how to code, learn how to program

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Learn anywhere and anytime at your own pace and on your own schedule. Our courses are on-demand so you can level-up your skills just in time to start that new project, take on new responsibilities, and explore new technologies.

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Learn by doing real projects

Design, code, and launch fully functional apps. Express your creativity through applications of your choosing. And build your portfolio with a project you’ll be proud to share with employers.

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Courses for all skill levels

Working in tech, but not as an engineer? More and more roles in business, marketing, finance, design, and product management require technical skills. We have courses that allow you to master basics and build a solid technical foundation.

We know it can be daunting to get started. Learn more about taking the first steps and check out the entry level courses in our tracks. Pick up some statistics or build your first web page or even your first web crawler, you can explore new skills without making a full career change... yet!

We have courses curated to build paths in different career tracks. Check out these tracks to learn if they could be right for you. Learn more about Data Science, Web Development, or our Masters in CS with Georgia Tech.

Stay sharp on the latest advanced topics. We have cutting-edge Data Science, Mobile Development, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning... leading all the way up to Masters level courses.

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Explore our course textbook. Take the Udacity journey with industry experts and Udacity instructors on your timeline. Create your own experience through videos and interactive quizzes.

Course experience

We’ll personalize the Udacity experience to meet your learning goals. We’ll mentor you by providing feedback on code and projects.

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