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In-person, part-time.

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In-Person Learning With Udacity Connect

Bringing cutting-edge Udacity Nanodegree programs to students, live and in-person.

Combining Udacity's online curriculum with in-person learning sessions, Udacity Connect student graduation rate is 5x higher than that of students doing online-only Nanodegree programs.

In-Person Collaboration
In-Person Collaboration

Work with instructors and peers to complete projects, overcome challenges, and master new concepts.


Stay on track through weekly sessions with Session Leads who help with goal-setting, time management, and motivation.


Finish in just 4 months by dedicating
5 hours/week to Udacity Connect sessions, and 10 hours/week to independent study.

New York City

Saturdays, 2pm — 5pm

  • Weekly in-person sessions with Session Lead

  • Access to Front-End Web Developer program

About Front-End Web Developer

Master the skills required to become a Front-End Web Developer, and start building beautiful, responsive websites optimized for mobile and desktop performance.

Learn the fundamentals of how the web works and gain a working knowledge of the three foundational languages that power each and every website: HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Download the Program Syllabus to learn more!

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Equity and other salary components for Front End Developer at Paysa

Session Lead & Online Instructors

Our expert Session Lead has completed the Front-End Web Developer program.

  • Richard Kalehoff
    Richard Kalehoff


  • Pete LePage
    Pete LePage


  • Peter Lubbers
    Peter Lubbers


  • Tyler McGinnis
    Tyler McGinnis


  • Julia Van Cleve
    Julia Van Cleve


  • James Parkes
    James Parkes


  • Cameron Pittman
    Cameron Pittman


  • Karl Krueger
    Karl Krueger


  • Michael Wales
    Michael Wales


  • Marcus Phillips
    Marcus Phillips


  • Walter Latimer
    Walter Latimer


  • Ben Jaffe
    Ben Jaffe


  • Emily Keller
    Emily Keller


  • Ajay Hemnani
    Ajay Hemnani


Prerequisites and Requirements

  • High school degree or GED or equivalent certificate OR
  • Knowledge college-level mathematics courses demonstrated through course completion certificates in Algebra, Geometry, Stats, or Algebra 2 or 1 year of work experience in related field.
  • Beginner exposure to HTML, CSS and/or Javascript is highly recommended, but no programming experience is required to take this program

What do I get?

  • Weekly in-person sessions
  • Expert Session Lead facilitated sessions
  • Check-ins and follow-up throughout the week
  • Peer collaboration and support on projects
  • In-person career workshops
  • Special guest speakers from industry
  • Best in class courses taught by expert instructors
  • Job-ready project portfolio
  • Personalized feedback on projects
  • Verified certificate
  • “The fact that I had to report to my Session Lead each Saturday drove me to work faster on my Nanodegree program. The discipline and motivation pushed me to get my work done.”

    — Vivek, Udacity Connect Graduate
  • “I could interact with students who were far ahead of me and get past roadblocks which I could not have done on my own.”

    — Fernando, Udacity Connect Graduate


  • When and where will the sessions be held?

    Weekly sessions meet every Saturday from 2 PM to 5 PM (except listed holidays) at 9E 53rd Street, 3rd floor, Room 1, New York, NY 10022.

    Outside of class, you are expected to learn online for 10 additional hours per week on your own schedule.

  • Can I receive a degree from Udacity upon completing the program the New York school?

    Udacity is not an accredited university and does not confer degrees. You will receive a certificate of completion for the applicable program. Udacity Nanodegree (TM) programs are not offered through the New York school.

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