Udacity Connect FAQ

  • Why should I apply for Udacity Connect?

    Students who pursue a blended learning approach by adding an in-person component finish on average more than 30% faster than those students working strictly online. As a Udacity Connect student, you'll benefit from in-person collaboration with peers and instructors to complete projects, overcome challenges, and master new concepts. You'll stay on track through weekly check-ins with Session Leads who provide additional lectures on difficult course material, and help with goal-setting, time management, and motivation. You'll also gain critical career insights from guest speakers who are working professionals in relevant fields.

  • Is Udacity Connect a better option for me than a bootcamp?

    While the bootcamp model may remain a compelling approach for some, we know that the combination of high cost and the necessity of leaving full-time work behind makes bootcamps an unrealistic option for the vast majority of students we work to serve. With Udacity Connect, we aim to provide the opportunity to shorten your career journey with limited risk and maximum rewards. Udacity Connect students are able to keep their jobs, save on tuition, all while simultaneously gaining access to world-class content, and pursuing an accelerated learning experience.

  • How do I enroll in Udacity Connect?

    You need to apply to participate. Seats for Udacity Connect are limited, and will be available on a first come, first served basis to qualifying students. Our application process will determine if you are ready to start this intensive learning experience. Submit as soon as you can to determine: a) if you qualify for the program, and b) to improve your chances of getting into your preferred session.

  • What is the application process for Udacity Connect?

    When you apply, we will assess whether you have the prerequisite knowledge and experience required for the Nanodegree program you’re applying to. We will also determine whether you demonstrate the commitment and dedication required to successfully complete an intensive program of this kind. If you qualify, we will send you an acceptance notification inviting you to enroll. You must complete enrollment to secure your seat. Enrollment is first come, first served until all seats are filled.

  • Which Nanodegree programs will have the Udacity Connect option?

    Udacity Connect is adding more Nanodegree programs in more cities! Let us know what Udacity Connect Nanodegree programs you want to take, and where! Check back often for updates.

  • When and where will the Udacity Connect sessions be held?

    Sessions will start either September 9 or October 7 and will meet once a week, every Saturday or every Sunday from 10AM to 5PM. Outside of session, you will work for 10 additional hours per week on your own schedule. Note that no sessions will take place during holiday weekends (Sat/Sun, Nov 25/26; Sat/Sun, Dec 23/24; Sat/Sun, Dec 30/31).

  • What if I am not accepted as a Udacity Connect participant?

    You can reapply when you are able to meet the requirements of the program, and/or when new seats open up for future sessions. To prepare for the next Udacity Connect sessions as regards skills and experience, we recommend skilling up to meet prerequisites for the Nanodegree program you are interested in by taking supporting free courses available on our site. You’ll find recommended courses on the main overview pages for each Nanodegree program.

  • What if I qualify to enroll, but there are no more seats available?

    We will be in touch when applications for the next sessions are available.

  • What happens if I miss a Udacity Connect session?

    You should only enroll if you plan on attending every session. Should you need to miss one due to illness or emergency, you must let your Session Lead know right away. Missing sessions will cause you to fall behind and could put your enrollment in jeopardy—working with your Session Lead is crucial to making sure you stay on track, and that you graduate within the proscribed time period.

  • What should I bring to a Udacity Connect session?

    Bring your own laptop, headphones, power cord, water bottle, and whatever else you find helpful when working on your Nanodegree program. You'll have an hour break for lunch, so make sure food is part of what you bring!

  • What happens during a Udacity Connect session, and what are the goals?

    Udacity Connect sessions are focused on delivering three key benefits:

    • In-Person Collaboration: You'll have the opportunity to work with instructors and peers to complete projects, overcome challenges, and master new concepts.
    • Accountability: You'll benefit from check-ins with your Session Lead, who will help you with goal-setting, time management, and motivation.
    • Efficiency: Based on a model of 5 hours/week spent in Udacity Connect sessions, and 10 hours/week spent on on independent study, you will successfully complete your Nanodegree program in just 3-4 months.

    Your Session Lead will also present lectures covering course material, and your sessions will additionally feature guest speakers—who are working professionals in relevant fields—speaking about their jobs, and how they apply the concepts you'll be actively working on.

  • How much does Udacity Connect cost?

    Udacity Connect costs $2,500. This includes your enrollment in your Nanodegree program.

  • What if I can't afford the full cost of the program?

    If the cost of the program is a genuine financial hardship for you, you may be eligible for an alternate plan. After you submit your application but before applications close, email uconnect-support@udacity.com with an explanation of your circumstances for us to review.

  • What if I'm enrolled in a Udacity Nanodegree program already?

    You may still be eligible to join Udacity Connect. Please let us know your program details in your application, or by emailing uconnect-support@udacity.com.

  • Will Udacity Connect be available for other Nanodegree programs, and/or in other areas?

    Udacity Connect is a dynamic new offering that continues to grow. Our sole goal is the success of our participating students, so we will add new programs and locations based on the results we achieve together, and based on where and when we think we can have the most positive impact for our students in the future.

  • Is it possible for me to become a Session Lead?

    If you are interested in becoming a Udacity Connect Session Lead, check out the job description. Please note that while preference will be given to Nanodegree program graduates, we are very happy to hear from all qualified individuals!

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