Why Learn Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is constantly changing and consistently in demand. Given the amount of time that many people spend online, it's not surprising that digital marketing is white hot. Pew Research reveals that 77 percent of Americans go online every day, and nearly one-quarter are online almost all the time. That presents a significant opportunity for marketers to connect using digital channels and platforms. So, why learn digital marketing? Consider these six compelling reasons.

You Want to Learn Strong Skills While Staying Creative

Data skills and analytics are among the top skills a digital marketer needs to master. Strategies for managing platform-specific campaigns, creating and curating content, and keeping up to date on algorithm changes to stay on top of the latest SEO strategies are also common for digital marketers. That's not to say that there isn't plenty of room for creativity. Writing, designing, and producing audio and video are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the creativity needed for this profession.

It's In Demand

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Since 2011, digital marketing has grown about 30 percent faster than general marketing, with a higher salary potential and demand that's exponentially higher. For example, demand for content marketers rose 450 percent from 2011 to 2016, according to research from Burning Glass Technologies. The number of job postings has doubled in that same time frame, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

There's Strong Earning Potential

Demand is great. It opens up a lot of opportunities not just to find work, but also to negotiate your salary or fees as a freelancer. Many content writers start with salaries of $45,000, while SEO specialists just starting out have average salaries of around $50,000. In all, digital marketers earn an average annual salary of $86,930, according to Glassdoor.

It Offers Versatility

Once you master the top skills employers look for in digital marketers, you'll have a broad set of skills that makes it easy to change your focus later if you decide to switch to a different specialization. Also, you could provide digital marketing of all types, which can keep your skills sharp and your work interesting.

The Digital Marketing Industry Continues to Evolve

Just as technology is continuing to evolve, so is marketing. As new tactics, platforms, and channels emerge, it presents an ideal opportunity to continue learning. It also offers a great opportunity to work with a variety of colleagues and professionals with multiple backgrounds. For example, you might specialize in content and work closely with a digital artist or social media strategist to complete a successful campaign.

You Want a Good Work-Life Balance

Striking the right balance between having fun, enjoying your free time, and nurturing your career is tricky. According to research from Ernst & Young, people are struggling more than ever to find their sweet spot. Marketing, and digital marketing in particular, is among the top career choices for anyone interested in having a job that makes it easier to juggle your professional and personal lives.

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