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SUSE Cloud Native Foundations Scholarship Program

Learn to apply modern cloud native application development and DevOps principles and accelerate your career growth.

Become a Cloud Native Practitioner

Learn in-demand skills in the rapidly growing field of cloud native application development and open yourself up to endless career opportunities.
Demonstrate your mastery of the principles of microservices and cloud native architecture by completing a series of real-world projects.
Join a community of peers spearheading the future of application development and be at the forefront of digital transformation.

How It Works

Udacity is collaborating with SUSE, a global leader in true open source solutions, to empower developers and operations specialists to meet today's high growth career challenges. We invite students 18 years of age or older who want to build new cloud native application development, deployment, and management skills to apply to the SUSE Cloud Native Foundations Scholarship Program.

The applications for this scholarship will be accepted between April 6, 2021 and May 25, 2021. Once applications are closed, 15,000 applicants will be granted entry into the Foundations course to participate in the scholarship challenge. Over a two month period, scholarship challenge participants will learn how to structure, package, and release an application to a Kubernetes cluster, while using an automated CI/CD pipeline. The Foundations course is intended to help learners of all skill levels get started with cloud native application delivery.

At the conclusion of the scholarship challenge period, 300 finalists will be selected to receive SUSE Cloud Native Foundation Scholarships. Scholarship winners will be awarded free access to the full Nanodegree program, Cloud Native Application Architecture!

Take the Scholarship Challenge


Cloud Native Foundations

  • Apply to the SUSE Cloud Native Foundations Scholarship

  • 15,000 applicants will be enrolled in the Cloud Native Foundations course and will learn how to structure, package, and release an application to a Kubernetes cluster, while using an automated CI/CD pipeline.

  • Dedicate 3-5 hours a week to complete the course and qualify for a Nanodegree scholarship.

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300 Seats

300 top performers will receive scholarships to advance through the full Cloud Native Application Architecture Nanodegree program at no cost.

Applications Closed

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    April 6, 2021

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    May 25, 2021 (23:59 PT)

  • Icon calendar blue

    June 7, 2021

  • Icon calendar blue

    August 16, 2021

Applicants selected for the scholarship challenge will be notified on June 3, 2021. Nanodegree scholarship winners will be announced on August 12, 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does this scholarship program work?

    Scholarship Challenge 15,000 SUSE Cloud Native Foundations Scholarship applicants will be selected to participate in a scholarship challenge. During the scholarship challenge, students work through the Cloud Native Foundations Course that comprises course text, content and quizzes (no projects) over a 2 month challenge period. Applicants should be prepared to invest about 3–5 hours per week during this period. Challenge participants will engage with classmates in a robust, actively managed, student community. Finally, top performers will be eligible to receive a full scholarship for Udacity’s new Cloud Native Application Architecture Nanodegree program. Full Nanodegree program 300 scholarship challenge participants will earn scholarships for the Cloud Native Application Architecture Nanodegree program, awarded in August 2021. Access to the Nanodegree program includes expert project reviews, mentorship and community support. Scholarship winners will also have the opportunity to engage with classmates in a robust, actively managed, student community. Students should be prepared to invest about 5–10 hours per week for approximately four months to complete the Nanodegree program.

  • Who is eligible to apply?

    Anyone 18 years of age and older is encouraged to apply.

    Scholarship recipients should be prepared to invest about 3-5 hours per week to complete the Cloud Native Foundations course during the two month scholarship challenge period, and about 5-10 hours per week during the Nanodegree program, which should run for 4 months.

  • When will applications open and close?

    The online application window for the scholarship will be from April 6, 2021 to May 25, 2021. The official start date for the foundations course will be June 7, 2021, and will be available until August 2, 2021. Students must complete 100% of their Cloud Native Foundations coursework to be considered for the full scholarship.

  • How many SUSE Cloud Native Foundations Scholarships will be awarded?

    300 scholarships will be awarded. Scholarship awards will be merit based and allocated across a diverse range of course participants. Given the importance of diversity and inclusion in the field of technology, SUSE is actively encouraging women and people from underrepresented backgrounds to participate in this program.

  • Are there any prerequisites associated with this program?

    A well-prepared learner will meet the following prerequisites for this scholarship:

    • Understand the basics of http (like client, server, and internet request)
    • Basic Python (data types, Functions, REST requests, web development)
    • Ability to use Git, Linux machines, and Linux Command Line
    • Familiar with Web application development in any language
    • Familiarity with Docker and exposure to a CI/CD pipeline are not required for success in this program but are helpful skills to have.

  • Are there specific class hours when I need to be online or can I go through the lessons and study whenever I want?

    You can study on your own schedule so long as you complete the course within the timeframes mentioned above. That is to say, you’ll have complete access to the course directly in your classroom 24 hours a day. We understand that students have different schedules and will work on their course at different times and on different days. What’s important is that students make consistent progress each and every week and complete the Cloud Native Foundations course during the scholarship challenge period.

  • Where does the program take place?

    The program takes place 100% online. You can work from wherever you want as long as you have a working internet connection.

  • How is the free course offered as part of the scholarship challenge different from Udacity's single course offerings?

    Udacity's single courses consist of lessons, videos, and quizzes. But they do not provide comprehensive staff support available to answer technical questions, review student projects, and provide guidance and help. Scholarship challenge participants will have access to an online library of resources administered by Udacity, as well as the student support team to help with any account issues.

  • What will I learn?

    Throughout this course, students will learn how to use a CI/CD pipeline to structure, package, and release applications to Kubernetes. This includes exploring Docker and DockerHub for application packaging and distribution, and GitHub Actions and ArgoCD for the automatic rollout of the new features to the production environment. Additionally, students will practice bootstrapping a Kubernetes cluster using k3s and release applications using kubectl commands, declarative manifests, or Helm chats.

  • How will it help me?

    According to a 2020 Capgemini survey, enterprise cloud native apps will more than double in the next year, and companies such as Facebook, AT&T, and Uber are hiring experienced cloud native professionals. By the end of this course, students will become familiar with cloud native fundamentals and be prepared to take the next step in learning to deploy cloud native applications.

  • Will I definitely get a job based on these scholarships?

    These scholarships do not guarantee you a job. But Udacity students often do get jobs after graduating from programs like these. Check out some student stories.

  • What are the Terms and Conditions?

    You can find more details on the Terms and Conditions here.

  • What if I have additional questions?

    If you have additional questions that were not answered here, please submit a support ticket via this form.

  • Will there be a Certificate of completion provided?

    Scholarship winners who complete the full Nanodegree program will be awarded a Nanodegree certificate; no certificate will be awarded for completion of the foundations course.

  • Scholarship Timeline

    Application Applications Open: April 6th, 2021 - May 25th, 2021 Foundations Course Winners Announced: June 3rd, 2021

    Scholarship Challenge Foundations Course: June 7th, 2021 - August 2nd, 2021 Nanodegree Scholarship Winners Announced: August 12th, 2021

    Nanodegree Scholarship Nanodegree Program: August 16th, 2021 - December 6th, 2021