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Blacks In Technology Foundation Scholarship Program

The Blacks In Technology Foundation and Udacity are awarding 150 scholarships in 2021! Join us to change your career and change the way the workplaces of the future look.

How It Works

Udacity and the Blacks In Technology Foundation, in collaboration with corporate and government partners, will fund 1,000+ Nanodegree scholarships to members of the Black community interested in transitioning to or furthering their careers in tech in 2021. In the first cohort, we will be awarding 150 full Nanodegree scholarships to empower individuals to learn in-demand tech skills in Programming for Data Science with Python, Product Management or Cloud DevOps Engineering.

Scholarship recipients will complete a portfolio of real-world projects that demonstrate mastery of highly sought-after skills. Plus, they will have the opportunity to engage with Blacks In Technology Foundation's network of Black tech professionals and participate in a vibrant Udacity student community.


Today’s Big Problem

The Blacks In Technology Foundation and Udacity have teamed up to solve a critical problem: Black people are dramatically underrepresented in the tech industry, which comprises some of the highest growth, most in-demand careers. The statistics are sobering:
  • Black people make up only 3% of employees in the top 75 Silicon Valley tech companies, compared to 24% of the total workforce.
  • Black people hold less than 3% of cybersecurity jobs and are paid 33% less than White employees.
  • 20% of computer science graduates are Black and Latinx, but they only make up 6% of the tech industry overall.
  • The unemployment rate for Black individuals exceeds 10% and underemployment estimates exceed 30%.

Our Solution

Udacity and the Blacks In Technology Foundation are committed to closing the divide between the numbers of tech jobs available and the number of Black people working in tech. That starts with ensuring a robust pipeline of trained, talented Black tech professionals. Together, we are offering:
  • 1,000+ Nanodegree program scholarships for Black individuals to build practical, in-demand, cutting-edge tech skills.
  • Exposure to the Blacks In Technology Foundation community and network of Black tech professionals.
  • Professional development and career resources support.
  • Subject matter experts and on-demand tutors.

Scholarship Timeline

Applications for this scholarship program have closed. Please check back later for future opportunities.
  • Applications Accepted: March 1st, 2021 - April 13th, 2021

  • Challenge Winners Announced: April 21st, 2021

  • Challenge Course: April 26th, 2021 - June 25th, 2021

  • Scholarship Winners Announced: July 12th, 2021

  • Scholarship: July 15th, 2021 - December 8th, 2021

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About the Blacks In Technology Foundation

Blacks In Technology is a global platform for Black people in technology, and the Blacks In Technology Foundation is the largest community of Black people in the technology industry. Through community-focused activities, events and outreach, BIT is "Stomping the Divide" by establishing standards for world class technical excellence. BIT serves members through community, media and mentorship, providing resources and guidance and challenging members to establish new standards of innovation.

Learn more about Blacks In Technology.

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