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"If you’re not at the drawing board, you’re not making discoveries."

—Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Innovative thinkers have been going “back to the drawing board” for decades to rethink, reimagine, and redefine their amazing ideas. It’s in this spirit that we welcome you to The Drawing Board, a podcast series from Udacity focusing on the remarkable innovations and individuals shaping our world. Discover groundbreaking new products and transformational new technologies. Learn about exciting new career opportunities, and meet the people powering change in tech and beyond. When you want to discover what the future holds, go back to The Drawing Board!

More Episodes

  • Episode 1.5: Obama Navy Secretary Ray Mabus

    In Episode 1: The Art of "No," we talked with former Secretary of the Navy during the Obama administration, Ray Mabus. In that episode, we featured just a portion of the audio. It was such a profound interview however, that we decided we had to share it in its entirety. Here, Sec. Mabus talks about the challenges of prioritizing projects, education, equal rights in the military, and more.

    Host: Chris Morell

    Guests: Ray Mabus

    Segment 1 features Google Ventures consultant, former governor of Mississippi, and Secretary of the Navy, Ray Mabus

  • Episode 1: The Art of No

    JUNE 29, 2017 • Can learning to say “No” make you a better employee? A better leader? A better person? In our inaugural episode, The Drawing Board explores the art of saying “No” to create better products and programs. The idea was first popularized by Steve Jobs nearly 20 years ago; we explore it today with: author Carmine Gallo (4:30), Navy Secretary Ray Mabus (10:00), and psychologist and CEO coach Camille Preston (17:00). Learn how resisting the urge to say “Yes” can help you optimize both your work and your personal life.

    Host: Chris Morell

    Guests: Carmine Gallo, Ray Mabus, Camille Preston

    Segment 1 features “Father of the iPod” Tony Fadell from an episode of Udacity Talks, on how Steve Jobs taught him how to say “No.” Plus, enjoy classic audio from Steve Jobs at WWDC ‘97, when he uttered the now-famous phrase “Focusing is about saying ‘no’.”

    Segment 2 features New York Times/Wall Street Journal columnist and author of The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs and The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs. Find Carmine at http://www.carminegallo.com and @carminegallo on Twitter.

    Segment 3 features Google Ventures consultant, former governor of Mississippi, and former Secretary of the Navy, Ray Mabus.

    Segment 4 features CEO coach and psychologist Camille Preston. You can learn more about Camille at http://aimleadership.com and http://createmoreflow.com, or @CamilleP on Twitter.

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