The Open Education Alliance (OEA) is an industry-wide alliance of employers and educators in the service of students throughout the world. It provides access to cutting-edge and relevant post-secondary education that empowers individuals to pursue successful careers in technology.


Bridge the gap between the skills employers need and what traditional universities teach

The fast rise of new technologies has created a growing gap in necessary skills and knowledge to contribute to modern society. Members believe widespread access to high quality education is key to eliminate the skills gap, and to the prolonged prosperity of the planet. The mission of the OEA is to make high quality education available, and to connect learners with opportunities in industry.

Join other leading companies and academic institutions committed to our mission

The Open Education Alliance is open to any entity committed to reducing the skills gap through education. Members actively generate new educational pathways that are accessible, affordable, and in many cases free of charge to the students.


How you can contribute


Help us build courses and curate this new curriculum


Recognize the certification of students coming out of the courses


Certify employees and access new talent pipeline

Examples of education made available by the companies above include:

OMS CS Degree

OMS CS degree
with Georgia Tech and AT&T