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Online Learning Resource Center

Stay Sharp While Staying In

Make the most out of your time at home! Discover tips and tricks for online learning.
Get technology solutions to keep you in a growth mindset while working from home or stuck at home during this pandemic.

Tip of the Day

In baseball, the seventh-inning stretch is a tradition that takes place in the middle of the seventh inning of a game. Fans typically stand up, stretch out, and take a short break. Take your own seventh-inning stretch multiple times throughout your workday at home. Stand up and walk around. Even better, get some fresh air and take a walk around the block. But remember, if you do go outside, be sure to wear a mask.

How to Teach Online

New to teaching online? Don't worry, we've been doing it for years and are happy to share some tricks of the trade.

Plan your curriculum & class time:
  • Keep a detailed schedule of the material that will be covered and when.
  • Confirm that your technology (i.e video conferencing software, etc.) is working correctly.
  • Provide detailed instructions and requirements for your students.
Allow for introductions:
  • Give everyone a chance to introduce themselves and share their location.
  • Prioritize teamwork and being empathetic during these difficult times.
Student projects:
  • Give your students a chance to speak and share their work.
  • Simple, 5-minute presentations can go a long way.
Person recording online lesson at their computer

Share Your Story

Tell us your tips and tricks for staying on track and productive while staying at home.