Credentials built and recognized by industry leaders to advance your career

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Offering scholarships and up to 100 internships underscores our firm commitment to the potential of nanodegrees to build a pipeline of talented workers for our future workforce. Nanodegrees will also provide a highly effective means to build the skills of our current employees around critical software disciplines.

Bill Blase
Senior Executive Vice President, Human Resources, AT&T

We are building this curriculum with Udacity because we believe it reflects what developers everywhere should know.

Peter Lubbers
Developer Education, Google

We are looking forward to informing the constant evolution of these nanodegrees to ensure they keep teaching the skills most relevant today and for tomorrow's hiring needs.

Sarah Sproehnle
VP, Educational Services, Cloudera

We see a huge demand for Salesforce developer skills in the marketplace. The Udacity course on building mobile apps empowers anyone to become a Salesforce developer. We are excited for nanodegrees, as they look to be a great way to skill up millions of people to match the need in industry.

Adam Seligman
VP, Developer Relations,

We are excited about the nanodegree program and watching closely. The computer graphics class we built on Udacity offers the finest our engineers have to offer, and it reflects what we want our own staff and future applicants to know. We already found great new talent through this class.

Carl Bass
President & CEO, Autodesk

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Stand out with tech skills that matter.

Learn by doing projects employers value.

Study smart without leaving your current job.

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Prepare for a job you love

We obsess over getting you ready for a job you'll love in tech.

But tech changes fast. The skills you learned in school may not be the ones you need going forward, and you may not have the luxury to go back to school full time.

So we've teamed up with leading tech organizations to develop a new kind of online curriculum. They know their hiring needs. They invent and use new technologies. So they know what skills matter better than anyone else.

Compact relevant education

Compact & Flexible
Designed for busy people.
Complete in 6-12 months.
Hands-On Learning
Learn by doing with real-life projects.
Guidance & Support
A community of students and coaches supports you.
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Demonstrable Skills
Earn a Nanodegree credential and build a portfolio of projects.

How will the program work?


Find out if you're ready
  • Complete the Readiness Assessment when applicable.
  • Check if you have the foundational skills to get started.

Get to work & participate
  • Build projects with support from other students and our Coaches.
  • Use our online courses to complete your knowledge as you work on projects.
  • Be active in forums to help your peers and deepen your learning.

  • Submit your projects as you complete them for verification.
  • Earn your Nanodegree credential once you have completed all projects.

Market yourself to get a job
  • Share your nanodegree and project portfolio with the world.
  • Bolster your online presence and polish your resume (we'll show you how).


Why will a Nanodegree curriculum prepare me for a job better than other online courses?

Leading technology companies design and teach Nanodegree programs with our help, and also endorse them. They know what technical skills they need to hire for and which new skills their employees need. Because they use the technologies and skills they teach, they teach them in a concrete, applicable way. Nanodegree programs also focus on learning by doing so you can practice and demonstrate your new skills.

How is a Nanodegree curriculum different from taking multiple courses?

Nanodegree curriculums are designed to help you become job-ready. Similar to our course experience, you'll work on projects. Unlike our individual courses, you'll need to submit your projects by a given deadline for validation. Each course and project builds on each other so, at the end, you'll have a portfolio of projects to demonstrate to potential employers that you're job-ready.

Do I need to take each course in the Nanodegree track in order to receive a Nanodegree credential?

Not necessarily. To earn a Nanodegree credential, you will need to build a portfolio of projects. That means completing and submitting each project for validation by a certain date.

If you already have the skills you need to complete a project, you can just go ahead and complete it, and move on to the next project in your Nanodegree portfolio.

If you need extra skills to complete the projects as you go, we recommend you use the individual courses that map to each project.

What time commitment will Nanodegree curricula require?

Each of our Nanodegree programs varies, based on the curriculum you choose and your level going in. Programs will vary in length from 6-12 months, based on a time commitment of 10 hours per week.

How much will it cost? Will scholarships be available?

You can take a Nanodegree program for $200/month. Most programs are expected to take between 6-12 months to complete, depending on your study schedule and prior background. For more details, check the overview page for the Nanodegree program that you're interested in.

The following organizations will award scholarships, provided by AT&T Aspire and Udacity:

  • Genesys Works
  • YearUp
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of America
  • Communities In Schools
  • Girls Who Code
  • Jobs for America's Graduates

Each of these organizations have a strong focus on preparing traditionally underserved students for 21st century jobs.

We expect to include more organizations in the future.

See all Nanodegree FAQs.