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Five different cutting-edge schools

The School Of Artificial Intelligence
“The community on my program was a huge motivating factor for me. I was able to talk to other people, see they were encountering the same challenges, then work to overcome them together.
The School Of Data Science
“When I was interviewing for jobs after I completed my Nanodegree program, I was receiving offers 50 percent higher than my current salary! I didn’t realize people were willing to pay so much for my new skillset!”
The School Of Programming
“The Udacity VR developer Nanodegree helped me gain confidence in my development skills, and it helped me plug into the community of VR developer professionals”
The School Of Autonomous Systems
“As a developer, your resume is all about the projects that you’re able to build, and the work you can talk about with potential employers. With Udacity, I actually expanded this project-base, so I could impress recruiters in interviews!”
The School Of Business
“At Udacity, you have a community of people behind you who support you, who are learning the same things that you’re learning, who are having the same challenges. Even though they aren’t physically there, it feel like you have a group of people behind you.”

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