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Autonomous Systems

Learn the skills for a career within autonomous systems engineering!

Develop in-demand skills and build a portfolio of amazing projects to impress top employers.

Top autonomous systems engineers are making $238K to $280K!

Top autonomous systems engineers are making $238K to $280K!

Increase your earning potential

Build your real-world experience

Build your real-world experience

Test your code on a real self-driving car, and complete projects focused on computer vision, localization, and control

Build industry visibility

Build industry visibility

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Practical Projects. Real Success

  • Building a Controller

    Class: Flying Car

    Description: Implement your very own cascaded controller in C++! You will attempt different motions (slow, fast, slalom, etc.) and analyze performance under different conditions.

    Student: Vishakha Goyal

  • Behavioral Cloning

    Class: Self-Driving Car

    Description: Put your deep learning skills to the test with this project! Train a deep neural network to drive a car like you.

    Student: Darien Martinez Torres

  • Finding Lane Lines

    Class: Self-Driving Car

    Description: Write code to identify lane lines on the road, first in an image, and later in a video stream (really just a series of images).

    Student: Abhi Ohja