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Autonomous Systems

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Top autonomous systems engineers are making $300-500k salaries

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Build cutting-edge projects on computer vision, localization, sensors, control, and more

Nanodegree Programs

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Take a look at our five programs. Gain new autonomous systems skills, whatever your current skill level.

Self-Driving Car Fundamentals

Intro to Autonomous Systems

Self-Driving Car Engineer

Robotics Software Engineer

Flying Car and Autonomous Flight Engineer

Gain a foundational understanding of key self-driving car technology and concepts!

Skills You’ll Develop



None. Designed for people new to the field.

Career Outcomes
  • Self Driving Car Engineer

  • Computer Vision Engineer

  • Perception Engineer

  • Deep Learning Engineer

  • Control Engineer

  • Planning Engineer

Features & Benefits

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  • 100% online

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  • Study 10 hours per week

    Graduate in as little as three months

  • Earn a Udacity Nanodegree

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  • Build your portfolio

    Impress recruiters with tangible data projects

  • 1:1 Mentorship

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  • 12,000+ Completed Resume Reviews

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Industry Outlook

Land your dream Career

Turbocharge your salary

The average salary of a self-driving car engineer is $238,000

Change the world

Self-driving cars will save an estimated 10 million lives per decade!

High-growth industry

The global autonomous vehicles market is set to grow 41.61% between 2018 and 2022!

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