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Inside the Classroom

  • Tools

    Python, NumPy, TensorFlow

  • Concepts

    Neural Networks, Machine Learning, Deep Learning

  • Applications

    Computer Vision, NLP, Speech Recognition

The Learning Environment

  • Projects

    Build real-world applications, with personalized support.

  • Community

    Learn with expert instructors, a global student body, and 1:1 mentor

  • A Career

    Resume reviews and interview preparation to land a cutting-edge AI job.

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Incredible Job Market Growth

The AI market is set to grow to $5.05bn by 2020 and demand for AI talent has never been higher!

Work at Leading Companies

Our graduates work at top companies—including Amazon, Google and Rolls-Royce

Increase your Salary

Udacity’s Machine Learning graduates report a $27,000 average salary increase

Our Complete Artificial Intelligence Curriculum

AI Programming with Python


Learn Python, Deep Learning & PyTorch to start building your own AI apps.


Deep Learning


Start mastering deep learning for use in image classifiers, sentiment analysis, and AI agents.


Machine Learning Engineer


Learn Supervised, Unsupervised, Reinforcement, and Deep Learning fundamentals.


Computer Vision


Learn the most important computer vision frameworks and build your own applications.


Natural Language Processing


Master essential NLP tools to build applications, from smart assistants to universal translation.


Artificial Intelligence


Learn core AI algorithms from top experts like Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig.


Deep Reinforcement Learning


Master Deep-Q Learning, Actor-Critic Methods, and Monte Carlo Tree Search.


You’ll Walk Away With:

  • Industry-recognized credential

    Nanodegree programs built with leading companies, focused on landing jobs with top employers.

  • Complete AI Toolkit

    Learn the tools and skills you need for an amazing AI career.

  • Project Portfolio

    Complete a portfolio of projects to showcase your experience and impress recruiters.