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Last updated December 28, 2018

Udacity Pro

Terms & Conditions

  • Udacity India Private Limited (“Udacity”) has launched a new offering to provide students with the flexibility to switch between Nanodegree programs in order to explore different Learning Paths (the offering is referred to as “Udacity Pro”); and in addition to the Udacity Terms, these terms and conditions (“T&Cs”) govern the enrolment, payments, refunds, access and use of Udacity Pro.

  • By agreeing to these T&C’s you also agree to the Udacity Terms of Use (“Udacity Terms”) and Udacity Privacy Policy that are incorporated by reference into these T&Cs and that govern the terms and conditions of your access to the Udacity Platform and Coursework.

  • For the purposes of these T&C’s, the term “Learning Path(s)” shall mean the learning categories/tracks as available at

  • The capitalized words used (but not defined) in these T&Cs have the meaning given to them in the Udacity Terms of Use.

  • The Udacity Pro offering. Under Udacity Pro, a Student can enrol him/herself onto any Nanodegree program under any Learning Path and, subject to the terms and restrictive Clauses below, change such Nanodegree program subsequently after enrolment to any Nanodegree program in any Learning Path. For the purposes of these T&Cs, the term “Pro Student” shall mean any Student (as defined in the Udacity Terms) who is enrolled onto Udacity Pro, and the term “Chosen Nanodegree” shall mean any Nanodegree program enrolled on to by a Pro Student.

  • Each Pro Student shall be required to pay an upfront fee described in Table A below (“Fees”), for gaining access to the Nanodegree programs under Udacity Pro for a limited number of months as described in Table A below (“Access Period”).

  • A Pro Student shall be permitted to change his/her Chosen Nanodegree one (1) time every 2 months (ie., no more than once every sixty (60) day period) during his or her respective Access Period. A Pro Student is permitted to change his/her Chosen Nanodegree to a previously Chosen Nanodegree that such Pro Student had chosen and changed subsequently.

  • In the event, a Pro Student has failed to Graduate from his/her Chosen Nanodegree at the end of the Chosen Nanodegree term (“Non-Graduate”), and intends to enrol again in the same Chosen Nanodegree, such Non-Graduate shall have to make a request in writing to Udacity through (9 month access) or (12 month access) to be enrolled with a new cohort for the said Chosen Nanodegree (“Request”). In the event, such Non-Graduate’s Access Period has expired at the time of making a Request, Udacity shall enrol the Non-Graduate to the new cohort for his/her Chosen Nanodegree (that he/she failed to Graduate from) only after such Non-Graduate has paid the fees prescribed to be paid as detailed on

  • In no circumstances whatsoever, shall any Pro Student’s Access Period be extended. This also means that Udacity shall not extend any Pro Student’s Access Period in a situation where a Pro Student has changed his/her Chosen Nanodegree for which the program duration extends beyond the Pro Student’s remaining Access Period.

  • Pro Students shall have the option to withdraw from Udacity Pro within a period of seven (7) days from the date of enrolling onto Udacity Pro (“Refund Period”). If a Pro Student chooses to withdraw from Udacity Pro during the Refund Period, then the Fees shall be fully refunded by Udacity to such Pro Student as per Udacity’s policy in this regard as available at

  • The enrolment to a Chosen Nanodegree shall be subject to the start date and end date of such Chosen Nanodegree program term, as stipulated by Udacity in its sole and absolute discretion. Udacity shall not grant a Pro Student’s request to join a particular Nanodegree program on any given date if such a Nanodegree program has already commenced on a date prior to the date on which such request is made by a Pro Student. You agree that the Nanodegree programs are term based programs, and therefore, such Nanodegree programs have a specific start and end date of its term. As a result of this, a Pro Student cannot make a request to join a Nanodegree program mid-way, and therefore the Pro Student may experience a delay of days (or weeks) before the Pro Student can start the term of his or her next Nanodegree program.

  • A Pro Student can graduate from as many Nanodegree programs as he/she is able to complete within the Access Period. Please note that Graduation from a Chosen Nanodegree shall not be considered as a change of the Chosen Nanodegree. For the purposes of these terms and conditions, “Graduation” shall mean a Pro Student successfully completing a Nanodegree program strictly in accordance with the terms prescribed by Udacity in this regard (“Graduation”).

  • Udacity reserves the right to add or remove any Nanodegree program from the list of Nanodegree programs available under Udacity Pro, at any given time, in its sole and absolute discretion, without giving prior notice to any Pro Student.

  • Notwithstanding anything contained herein, if enrolment to certain Nanodegree programs is subject to completion of certain other prescribed Nanodegree programs (“Foundational Programs”), the Pro Student shall not be enrolled on to such Nanodegree programs unless they have Graduated from the Foundational Programs.

  • Udacity Pro is only available to Udacity Students who enrol and access the Nanodegree programs from India.

  • A Pro Student may only be enrolled into one Nanodegree at any time, and in no event may more than one individual Student may access and use an account enrolled in Udacity Pro.

  • Udacity, its employees, officers and directors are not responsible or liable for any damages, or economic or emotional loss because of the Student’s enrolment in Udacity Pro or use of Udacity Pro.

  • You agree, as a condition of your participation in Udacity Pro, to release Udacity, its employees, affiliates, officers and directors from any and all claims, including claims that acts or omissions by Udacity, resulted in any damages, or economic or emotional loss because of your enrolment under Udacity Pro or use of Udacity Pro (including without limitation your ability to graduate or for time lost time, or inability to switch, between desired Nanodegree programs).

  • If any provision of these terms is found to be unlawful, void, or for any reason unenforceable, then that provision shall be deemed severable from the other provisions herein, and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions.

Udacity Pro Fees
  • Fees of INR 90,000/- Only (Indian National Rupees Ninety Thousand Only) for 9 (nine) Months access period

  • Fees of INR 1,00,000/- Only (Indian National Rupees One Lakh Only) for 12 (twelve) Months access period