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Last updated August 7, 2018

Limited Trial

Subject to these Special Terms. The following terms apply to this Limited Trial. You have 7 days from date of purchase to make use of this trial which allows you to experience the Nanodegree services for one part of the full program, including viewing concepts, working on a project, having that project reviewed and graded, and interacting with your student peers. After this 7-day period you will be locked out of the Limited Trial program, and you will have the option to purchase the full Nanodegree program. If you choose to purchase the Limited Trial less than 7 days before the classroom opens, your Limited Trial period will extend into the regular class term period. If you purchase the full Nanodegree program after completing the Limited Trial, the cost of your Limited Trial will be applied to the total fees for the full Nanodegree program. You will not be eligible for any time extensions in the regular term period even if your Limited Trial period extends into the regular term period. Your progress will carry over. You may not receive a notice from us that your Limited Trial period had ended. No refunds available for Limited Trial or subsequent purchase of full Nanodegree program. Except as modified by these Special Terms, the terms and conditions of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy govern and control your use or our services.