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Last updated February 6, 2018

Flying Car Nanodegree Program

If you access and pay for services for the Flying Car Nanodegree Program ("Flying Car ND Program"), your enrollment is bound by the following additional terms and conditions which modify, amend and supplement Udacity's Terms of Use. Capitalized terms found herein shall also be as defined in the Terms of Use. By participating in the Flying Car ND Program, you also agree to be bound by the Honor Code and Community Code of Conduct.

You understand and agree that because the Flying Car ND Program requires some experience in engineering fundamentals, an application process is maintained for students to be included in the Flying Car ND Program. The Flying Car ND Program has a specific calendar of Online Course start times that are not customizable for students. You are not guaranteed entry into the Flying Car ND Program nor guaranteed a specific start time for the Online Courses. The Online Courses in the Flying Car ND Program are not self-paced and to the extent you are unable to complete the work associated with each segment of the Flying Car Nanodegree Program you may be asked to disenroll after the completion of a specific segment if you are unable to meet the requirements of the curriculum.

Further, it is your responsibility to ensure that you will comply with all federal, state, provincial, and/or local laws regarding the licensure, registration, and operation of unmanned aircraft or other vehicles. For example, but not in any way as a limitation, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration has specific rules relating to the operation of unmanned aircraft. There are also privacy regulations that may be applicable to your operation of unmanned aircraft and/or vehicles and you should comply with those laws . Please also employ common sense in the operation of any drone or unmanned flying vehicle. Nothing contained in the Flying Car ND Program should be construed as offering you specific advice regarding the rules and regulations in your jurisdiction and Udacity explicitly disclaims any responsibility for your operation of any unmanned aircraft or flying vehicle.

Unlike other Udacity Nanodegree Programs, the Flying Car ND Program does not maintain monthly fee pricing, but is instead structured in two curriculum terms together comprising two 3-month long terms. Each term is priced as a flat fee for the period. Pricing may change for each term from time to time between terms and shall be set forth on the Flying Car ND Program landing page.

Enrollees in the Flying Car ND Program have seven (7) days from the first date the Online Course begins in any individual segment to disenroll and request a full refund. Fees paid for the Flying Car Nanodegree Program are thereafter non-refundable for that segment. You may elect not to enroll in further segments at your option and the same seven (7) day disenrollment option shall apply to each segment. You must send an email to for request of a refund.

Access to the Flying Car ND Program materials is not unlimited. You will retain access to the program materials for a period of time after graduation and you may download certain materials for your own records if you wish. Please note however, that students who leave the program—or who are removed from the program for failure to meet the final deadline—prior to successfully graduating, will cease to have access. For more information, please review the deadlines provided in your “My Classroom” experience.

For the Flying Car ND Program, you may not otherwise access free trial periods, or other general discounts, coupons or credits, unless a program-specific offer is made to you. If your Flying Car ND Program is paid for or sponsored by a third party, see the Sponsored Services portion of the Terms of Use for further details. Further, because of the paced enrollment periods for the individual segments, the "pause" functionality in your Udacity Account shall also not be available. In addition, at this time the Udacity Fifty Percent Money-Back Guarantee, Udacity Connect and Nanodegree Plus programs are also unavailable for such Flying Car ND Program enrollment. Certain other promotions may also be excluded in the future from application to the Flying Car ND Program. The Flying Car ND Program shall be solely for access for the period noted in the purchase documentation and may not be credited for any other Udacity program. Udacity reserves the right to modify or update these terms with respect to activation and enrollment limitations for the Flying Car ND Program at any time and/or discontinue the program.