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Design Sprint Foundations Terms and Conditions

Last updated December 5, 2017

Design Sprint Foundations Nanodegree Program Terms

If you accessed and paid for services for the Design Sprint Foundations Nanodegree program ("DSFND Program"), your enrollment is bound by the following additional terms and conditions which modify, amend and supplement Udacity's terms and conditions. Capitalized terms found herein shall also be as defined in the terms and conditions.

Unlike other Udacity Nanodegree programs, the DSFND Program does not maintain monthly fee pricing, but is instead structured as flat fee for enrollment with up to two (2) months to complete the DSFND Program. Enrollees in the DSFND Program have seven (7) days from enrollment in an individual segment to unenroll and request a fee refund. Fees paid for the DSFND Program are thereafter non-refundable for that segment. You must send an email to for request of a refund.

The DSFND offers students access to the DSFND course content, projects and mentorship, and is a monthly cohorted program. Students that successfully complete the program are eligible to receive a credential. A cohorted program has defined start and end dates. When you enroll in the DSFND Program you obtain an enrollment date for the first available cohort available that month. If you want to enroll in a future term, a new cohort will begin in the ensuing month. The cohort term for DSFND Program is one (1) month, however you will have access to DSFND for an additional one (1) month following your cohort term end. Although we encourage students enrolled in the DSFND to keep pace with their cohorted peers in order to graduate the program within one month, you can elect to complete the program at any time within the two month term.

For the DSFND Program you may not otherwise access free trial periods, or other general discounts, coupons or credits, unless a program-specific offer is made to you superseding these terms. If your program is paid for or sponsored by a third party, see also the Sponsored Services portion of the Terms of Use for further details. Please be aware that certain promotions and discounts may need to be disclosed to third-party payors, including your employer or other corporate or government sponsor, or could potentially be perceived as fraud or considered "kick backs" under applicable law in many countries.

Further, "pause" functionality in your Udacity Account will not be available and your access to the DSFND Program content will end after the expiration of your enrollment term. To the extent you do not complete the DSFND Program within the two (2) month term, or your would like an extension to continue access to the DSFND Program content, a one-time extension may be available, at Udacity's sole discretion, at additional cost.

In addition, the Udacity Fifty Percent Money–Back Guarantee, Udacity Connect and Nanodegree Plus programs are also unavailable for the DSFND Program. Certain other promotions or services may also be excluded in the future from application to these programs, and your enrollment in the program shall be solely for access for the period noted in the purchase documentation and may not be credited for any other Udacity program. Udacity reserves the right to modify or update these terms with respect to activation and enrollment limitations for the DSFND Program at any time and/or discontinue the program. See the FAQ for other details on the DSFND Program.