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Why Build with Udacity?

  • Impact thousands of students

    Udacity courses are marketed to hundreds of thousands of professionals and enterprises across the globe.

  • Build your brand

    Build your profile as a true leader in your field by combining your subject matter expertise with Udacity's industry-leading pedagogy and production teams.

  • Grow your network

    Join Udacity's network of instructors, comprised of industry leaders from prominent start-ups to Fortune 1000 companies.

How It Works

Wondering what it's like to build a course with Udacity?
  • Our team of Curriculum Managers will onboard you to Udacity's framework for creating top-quality content.
  • Udacity's industry-leading production team will work with you to translate course material into highly polished video content.
  • You'll work with our content development team to edit, test, and iterate on your course to provide the best possible student experience.
  • Once your course is opened for enrollment, leverage your network of students by connecting via webinars, blogs, and other marketing channels.

Join Us!

Udacity looks to partner with instructors who are passionate about their field, believe in the power of education, and want to share their expertise with learners across the globe. If that sounds like you, then we'd love to work together!