Help Shape the Future of Udacity!

Our goal is to make Udacity the best experience possible for students and teachers, and we need your help in this pursuit! Help shape the future of Udacity by signing up below for our Feedback Program.

What to Expect

We conduct many different types of user research projects through our Feedback Program, and most require no more than 90 minutes of your time. Some of our research projects include:

  • In-person interviews at our offices in Palo Alto and Mountain View
  • In-person interviews that take place from your home, office or school
  • Remote interviews conducted over the Internet
  • Online Surveys

Who We Are Looking For

A diverse mix of prospective, current and former Udacity users from around the world.

What’s In It for Me?

Those selected to participate in our Feedback Program will have a hands-on role in shaping the future of Udacity, in addition to being provided with special incentives such as gift cards or cash.


Please see our Feedback Program FAQ.

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By filling out the Feedback Program Signup Form below, you agree to join the Udacity Feedback Program Database. Your contact information will be kept private and will only be used for the purpose of coordinating your participation in research activities.

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