Create a Winning Job Search Strategy while Social Distancing

Planning leads to succuss. Join as we discuss strategies for planning for a success job search. Our conversation will include networking, relationship building, & personal branding all designed to increase your chances of getting employee referrals.


The job market is changing rapidly with company and industry-wide responses to the Coronavirus. If your job search strategy consists mainly of applying for jobs online, there is much more that you can be doing to increase your chances of landing a new job. Most people approach job searching reactively. They see a posting and react by applying.

In this webinar, we’ll show you strategies for networking, relationship building, & personal branding designed to increase your chances of getting employee referrals (the current top method for landing interviews). Some of these strategies may also lead to employers/recruiters reaching out to you and landing interviews without ever applying!

Join us on Thursday, May 21st 12pm-1pm PST to learn more!

About the Presenter

Brett Ellis is a Career Coach and Public Speaker based in Atlanta, GA. His background is in K-12 Business Education and Higher Education. The focus of his past experiences has been on working with college students to help them persist through graduation and land jobs and internships.

Brett enjoys creating innovative learning experiences, such as transforming traditionally dry topics like resumes and cover letters into an engaging experience. His favorite part about career coaching is hearing from previous students and clients about where they ended up, whether that's in their dream job or achieving some other career goal that they had set for themselves.