Soft Skills - An important aspect of Career Development

Join us as we learn what Soft Skills are, and why they matter to you job search! We will also be discussing what are the Top 5 Skills needed to boost your employability.


In this webinar, we will discuss the importance and role of Soft Skills for success in Career Development. We will explore various outlooks on soft skills with examples and how they impact career path. We will deep dive into the soft skills that are in demand by the top employers. We will refer what the reports and statistics indicate on role of soft skills for employment.

We will go through the top ten soft skills that Business leaders want today, and will spend time comparing the 5 most valued soft skills institutions want today. The discussions will include how to display, demonstrate and develop soft skills

Join us on Wednesday, December 11th from 4-5pm IST (2:30am-3:30am PDT) to learn more!

About the Presenter

Meera Rawat is a Career Development Coach with over 20 years of experience in senior leadership roles for large multinational firms & their captives, with focus on BFSI, spanning Operations, Technology, Front Office, Back Office and Enabling Functions. Meera is based in Mumbai, India and is culturally astute with extensive experience in bringing together global stakeholders across Asia, Europe and North America. Meera is known for developing high performance teams with diverse capabilities while ensuring an inclusive culture and consultative approach. She has a track record of consistently nurturing teams and developing leaders through her time as a Career Coach.

Fun Fact: Meera loves travelling, meeting and connecting with new people from different cultures, understanding their interests and imbibing in new experiences.