Managing Change for Greater Resilience in your Career and Life

Join this webinar and learn about the process of change and how to reframe your experiences for greater resilience as you plan for the future.


Join Career Coach Diane for a discussion on navigating change. While change is always with us, the recent world events have challenged us to deal with more dramatic change in so many areas of our lives: social, career, work, education, family, health, hygiene, food, financial, and many others - and all at once! It’s not only COVID-19 that is novel, things many of us are doing to adapt are also novel and some modifications take us out of our comfort zone! If you’d like some insight to better understand how change affects us, and learn how you can use these experiences to transform your life for greater resilience in the future, join in on April 30!

Join us on Thursday, April 30th from 7-8 am PST to learn more!

About the Presenter

Diane Verkest is a Certified Coach, with a special certification as an Energy Leadership – Master Practitioner. With an extensive human resources background in both the public and corporate sectors, she led the human resources organization at a University helping to develop and grow a large staff through implementing coaching and mentorship practices. After studying Engineering in College, Diane later transitioned into the Business sector and eventually completed a Harvard Graduate certificate program in Higher Education Management.

Diane loves learning new things, making spreadsheets to organize her life, hiking, fishing, telling jokes, travel, drinking craft beer on occasion, and coaching!