Job Seeking During COVID-19: How to continue Career Growth in Turbulent Times

Join us as we talk through actionable strategies to help you get results during these unprecedented and turbulent times. We will discuss resources that will help boost your search and protect your career.


In light of the current global events of COVID-19, we are now facing unprecedented times for most the first in our lifetime. With all the economic and social changes going on around us, new questions arise regarding the future in general, but more importantly your individual future when it comes to the future job markets.

Questions arise around how do we weather this storm? What can we do to stay active and stay focused? What adjustments need to be taken to best match today’s society?

Its important to remember that life must go on, so we can either choose to go into inaction or we can choose to get fired up and stay focused on the next steps we take. Join us for this webinar as we have a discussion on some of the top strategies and actions to take to not only survive but thrive during these turbulent times.

Join us on Saturday, April 11th from 10-11am PST to learn more!

About the Presenter

Yvonne-Fleur Murugu is a passionate Career Coach whose work is centred around getting her clients to determine what they are most passionate about, defining or redefining their “why”, then creating a fulfilling and purpose driven career and going after those seemingly impossible dreams.

She has personally a similar Job Search journey, and has made it her mission to take what she’s learned through her journey to shine a light for others who want to do the same. Yvonne-Fleur has 15 years’ experience in the corporate world, with expertise in Leadership, Human Resources and Coaching. She has experience both living and working globally which has allowed her to become intricately aware of human behaviour and how our world and reality is shaped by our minds.

By working in diverse multicultural backgrounds has led her to understand that no matter where you are from or your culture, everyone is looking for the same thing, a sense of purpose and meaning and this has been the driving force behind her coaching career.