Interview Workshop: Beyond the Pitch- Introducing Yourself with Confidence

Build confidence in your interviewing by developing an elevator pitch. Hear from an expert Career Coach and get tips on self-introduction. NOTE: Before attending, read this and download the PDF to prepare:


Interviews are conversations, and the aim of this practice is to improve how you deliver your answer. Come practice with fellow Nanodegree students and alumni, and get interviewing tips from Career Coach Angela.

In this workshop, we’ll practice the initial introductory question that leads most all interviews: “Tell me about yourself”. Your response to this fundamental question can make or break the interview. Creating and practicing an impactful response to this question builds your confidence and projects the image you want interviewers to see in you.

Before attending the workshop, read the instructions and download the PDF on how to prepare here.


  • Presentation (10 min) - Career Coach Angela will share strategies to approach the topic of building and using a "Pitch", interact with the interviewer, and make a clear connection between previous projects or work experiences and job duties.
  • Peer Practice in Breakout Sessions (35-40 min) - Break into groups of 4 or more and practice your pitch/introduction. The rest of the group can listen and share feedback from a third party perspective.
  • Feedback & Takeaways (5-10 min)

About the Presenter

Angela McDonald is an experienced Career Coach and Corporate Trainer based in Chicago, IL. She spent the early part of her career working in finance, later operated her own business, then eventually discovered her passion in corporate training and career coaching.

Angela has extensive experience training and coaching individuals from diverse backgrounds, management levels and industries. As a career coach, she thrives in helping people build self-awareness and confidence, thereby enabling them to thrive in their careers and achieve their greatest level of career success.