Ask a Career Coach: How do I make my resume stand out?

How can I give a strong elevator pitch? What should you do if networking makes you sweat? And does a resume really have to be no longer than a page? Step up to the plate and ask a career coach in this open office hours session.


Go from job search to job success.

Whether you're just starting your Nanodegree program or you've already graduated, we're here for you. Udacity career coach Martin McGovern joins us to answer any and all job-related questions, no matter how big or how small.

Each session kicks off with an in-depth walkthrough of a common obstacle job seekers face and actionable tips you can immediately apply to get through it. Then? It's your turn! Post your questions directly into chat for Martin to respond to live. He'll take as many questions as he can for the hour so that you get what you need to move closer to the career you want.

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