See how Udacity drove a 232% ROI for a multinational oil & gas corporation

Based on Total Economic Impact™ study conducted by Forrester Consulting

Want to know how Udacity drives value and digital transformation for enterprises? Look no further than this comprehensive report. The results are powerful: an investment in Udacity for Enterprise could produce a triple-digit ROI in under a three-month payback period.

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Udacity's impact


return on investment

$5.9 million

net present value

< 3 months

payback period

The value of Udacity talent transformation

  • Boost workforce productivity
    Equip your in-house workforce with digital, job-ready talent to capitalize on business and industry knowledge and drive innovation.

  • Cut expenses
    Reduce recruitment costs and salary expenses by not always having to hire new employees to fill skills gaps.

  • Unlock greater employee satisfaction
    Improve the commitment, retention and morale of your workforce while at the same time increasing collaboration and agility.

What to expect from the report

Evaluate the financial impact of Udacity

Determine the bottom-line business value of deploying an upskilling program for talent within your organization.

Discover the vast benefits of investing in talent vs. hiring

Use the report to understand the positive impact talent transformation has not only on cost, but on your company’s culture as well.

Make the case for talent transformation

Uncover metrics and business outcomes that demonstrate how organizations are using Udacity to achieve digital transformation within their workforce.