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Udacity’s upskilling drove a 232% ROI for a multinational oil & gas corporation.

The results of the Total Economic Impact™ study conducted by Forrester Consulting are powerful: An investment in Udacity could produce a triple-digit ROI in under a three-month payback period.

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upskilling impact

  • 232%return on investment
  • $5.9Mnet present value
  • <3 monthspayback period

Talent transformation:
The ultimate solution for innovation deadlock.

  • Boost workforce productivity.

    When you provide your people with opportunities to build digital skills that streamline everyday work, it enables them to perform at their highest level.
  • Cut expenses.

    Talent transformation increases retention so organizations can avoid the high cost burden of employee turnover—recruiting, hiring, and training replacements.
  • Unlock greater employee satisfaction.

    A company's willingness to invest in their growth directly correlates with improved morale, while also fostering a more collaborative and agile work environment.

    Discover key insights on how Udacity empowers organizations.

    • Realize the benefits of investing in talent vs. hiring.

      Use the report to understand the positive impact talent transformation has not only on cost, but on your company’s culture as well.

    • Evaluate the financial impact of Udacity.

      Determine the bottom-line business value of deploying an upskilling program for talent within your organization.

    • Make the case for talent transformation.

      Uncover metrics and business outcomes that demonstrate how organizations are using Udacity to achieve digital transformation within their workforce.

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    About Udacity:

    We change lives, businesses, and nations by creating job-ready digital skills at scale. With over a decade of experience, Udacity provides comprehensive solutions to address widespread digital talent shortages impacting growth, productivity, and innovation.