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Unlocking digital transformation through data science education.

Case Study


How Udacity helped
  • $13M year-over-year reduction in fuel costs
  • 10% reduction in airline delays
  • 82% enterprise-wide course graduation rate

When a single decision can have costly consequences, supporting your organization’s decision-making process with evidence-based research is key. That’s why one industry-leading aerospace manufacturer fuels responsible innovation with data science—creating a more intelligent, agile workforce.

Our business is fueled by data. Udacity helped us upskill our workforce and allowed our employees to factor data-driven insights into their decision making process—so we can build better products and make better decisions for our company.
Global Aerospace Executive

Staying one step ahead in a data-intensive industry.


As corporations around the world adapt to the digital reality of today’s global marketplace, the aerospace industry—which has always been synonymous with innovation—leads the way. Those who wish to stay competitive in the capital intensive field must evolve or risk being left behind.

For one of the industry’s leading players, the rapid digitization of critical business procedures led to an influx of unwieldy data. In response, they launched the Digital Academy—an enterprise-wide software solution that makes it easy to store and retrieve global data for everyday use.

There was only one thing standing in the way. Most employees still lacked the technical skills needed to put that data into practice.

Closing the skills gap without hiring a single new employee.


Tasked with extracting value from this overwhelming reservoir of information and incorporating the resulting insights into day-to-day business decisions, the organization began to see a wedge forming between employees with and without basic competency in data analytics.

To make intelligent, well-informed decisions, employees at all levels of an organization must speak the same data-driven language. But inspiring enterprise-wide data literacy for over 130,000 employees is easier said than done.

Digital transformation is 80% people and 20% technology.
Head of Customer’s Digital Academy

Driving innovation with human-to-human data science education at scale.


Udacity’s Data Analytics and Machine Learning Nanodegree programs provided this top manufacturer of aerospace technology with a simple, cost-effective way to train their workforce and close the skills gap—without hiring a single new employee.

The program started with 70 early adopters and expanded rapidly. Ultimately, Udacity provided thousands of employees with the skills they needed to effectively practice data analytics in a professional environment by delivering a combination of:

Project-based learning.

Udacity’s hands-on, project-based curriculum encouraged critical thinking and provided employees with real-world experience that could be seamlessly transferred to on-the-job performance.

Human help at scale.

With over 1,400 mentors around the world, Udacity supports organizations at the enterprise level with an intimate learning experience by supplementing coursework with personalized feedback and one-on-one assistance.

Customized learning paths.

Udacity tailors learning paths to align with specific business goals, which make it easy to find solutions that fit into your organization’s unique needs.

Udacity’s Nanodegree programs also provided a critical balance between the simplicity of a single-point solution (like a video library) and the intensity of a full-time boot camp—giving employees the freedom to develop job-readiness at a comfortable pace without taking their eyes off of the organization’s present needs.

Preparing for the future of aerospace manufacturing today.


Armed with a global repository of data—and the skills needed to make use of it—edging past the competition to become the world’s leading supplier of commercial airlines was a natural next step. For one carrier, our partnership also helped deliver:

  • $13M year-over-year reduction in fuel costs
  • 10% reduction in airline delays
  • 82% enterprise-wide course graduation rate
The byproduct of today’s digital transformation is data. As the business world emerges on the other side of that transformation, the ability to leverage the full power of data science is quickly becoming a key factor in determining the long-term success of any business. Ultimately, Udacity provides employees with the training and tools they need to address problems on the ground. So when it’s time to take flight, the only thing left to do is fly.