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Deal Registration Policy and Guidelines

Last Updated: September 14, 2023

The Udacity Deal Registration Program (the “Program”) is available to all Udacity Partners who have entered into a Udacity Enterprise Partner Program Agreement that is valid. The purpose of the Program is to provide a guideline for Partners who source, influence and close new Udacity sales opportunities.

Benefits of Deal Registration & Referrals

  • Establishes a selling relationship between the Partner and Udacity.
  • Enhances the profitability of the Partner
  • Provides a selling advantage to Partner to win the business

All qualified Partners participating in the Program must understand and adhere to the Program Guidelines. The Program terms and conditions outlined in this document are subject to modification or termination by Udacity at any time.

Program Overview

  • Partners can leverage their sales teams to register eligible Udacity sales opportunities through the Udacity Deal Registration Program.
  • Deal Registration Types:

○ Resell: Partner resells Online Courses on the Udacity Platform to enterprise end client

○ Resell as part of Managed Services opportunities: Partner provides a full service for a solution with Online Courses on the Udacity Platform as part of the service.

○ Co-Selling opportunities: Partner & Udacity jointly pursue new opportunities

○ Referral only:

■ Outbound Referral to Udacity
■ Inbound Referral to Partner

  • Eligible Udacity sales opportunities are defined as deals that are:

○ not currently registered in the Udacity Deal Registration System;

○ net new to the Udacity Sales pipeline; and

○ valid/true opportunities, registered 5 days prior to closed/won and closed date within 120 days from registration.

Udacity Partner Deal Registration & Referral Guide: Deal Registration Policies

Program Eligibility & Administration

Partner must be an active Udacity Certified Partner to qualify for the Program.

Partner must register eligible sales opportunities via the Udacity Partner Portal, New Deal Registration submission

Opportunity Eligibility

  • Registered opportunities must identify the specific sales opportunity within the institution or organization, including the department that will implement Udacity Platform.

  • Partner agrees to pre-qualify opportunities, and submit valid and complete opportunity details via the Partner Portal, Deal Registration submission.

  • Valid/true opportunities must be registered at least five (5) business days prior to the deal closing.

  • The Partner will receive a Deal Registration number if the opportunity meets the sales eligibility requirements defined under the Approval Process section.

  • Note that first submitted will be first for consideration of approval.

  • Orders must be placed on a single purchase order and cannot be combined across multiple purchase orders.

  • The deal registration must meet program guidelines at the time of deal closure.
    Approval Process

  • Partner submits the Deal Registration via Partner Portal.

  • Once the Partner submits an eligible sales opportunity,

  • Udacity will validate the opportunity to ensure it is:

    ○ New to the Udacity Registration System,

    ○ Net new to the Udacity Sales pipeline

  • Udacity Partner Sales Operations will review and respond to deal registration submissions within five (5) business days. Deal registrations with no activity in 30 days will expire

  • Partners should contact the Udacity Partner team with questions regarding registration submissions at alliancesDR@udacity.com.

  • Udacity Partner team will review and approve or deny registration submissions using the following criteria:

    ○ Completeness of information submitted

    ○ Existence of prior registration for the opportunity

    ○ Existence of any Udacity direct relationship for the opportunity (i.e., opportunity exists in the Udacity Sales database)

  • All valid communications regarding approvals or denials will originate from the Udacity Partner Sales Operations, alliancesDR@udacity.com. Deal Registration Rejection Reasons Deal registrations can be rejected for, but are not limited to, the following:

  • The same partner has previously registered the same opportunity.

  • The opportunity is already in the Udacity sales pipeline and therefore not new to Udacity at the time of registration.

  • The opportunity is below the minimum deal size requirement and does not have a chance to grow per the Udacity sales rep.

  • Another partner has already registered the opportunity.

  • The account is currently under compliance audit by Udacity and therefore the opportunity cannot be registered.

  • Not a valid opportunity (i.e. is a lead, etc.).

  • Close date is before or the same day as the submit date.

  • Close date is more than 120 days from the submit date, expires if no activity within 30 days.

  • Deal registration opportunity came from an RFQ/RFP.

  • Only opportunities initiated and driven by the partner are eligible for deal registration.

  • Deal registration opportunity came from a bid board.

  • Only opportunities initiated and driven by the partner are eligible for deal registration. Reasons for canceling the deal registration discount include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • The products on the sales order do not match the products on the deal registration.

  • The products on the order do not meet the minimum deal size requirement.

  • The Udacity sales order number has already been claimed on another deal registration.

  • Udacity sales order number was entered more than 60 days after the order close date.

  • Order close date is within three (3) business days or prior to the deal registration submit date.

  • The order number is invalid.

  • The customer account on the order is different than the customer account on the registration.

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