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Software Engineering

Learn the skills you need to become or advance your skills as a Software Engineer. We offer a range of online courses that teach you the fundamentals of programming to advanced topics in computing such as parallel programming and software debugging. Start learning from industry experts from NVIDIA, Cadence, Autodesk and more!
Learn to track multiple versions of a file and manage and uncover bugs with a Git programming workflow.

Intro to Computer Science New Coming Soon

Project Final Project
Start learning Python basics by building your own personalized versions of popular apps.

Start with this basic introduction to Java programming if you've never studied the language before and practice essential computer science concepts.

Built by San Jose State University

Programming Foundations with Python New Coming Soon

Project Movie Trailer Website
Learn object-oriented programming for reusing and sharing code in order to simplify coding concepts.

Intro to Hadoop and MapReduce New Coming Soon

Project Final Project
Learn what Hadoop is

Built by Cloudera

Blend knowledge of GitHub and Eclipse to gain a greater understanding of software development's life cycle and design processes.

Built by Georgia Institute of Technology

Artificial Intelligence for Robotics New Coming Soon

Project Build a Digit Recognition Program
Learn how to program a robotic

Built by Georgia Institute of Technology

Data Wrangling with MongoDB New Coming Soon

Project Wrangle OpenStreetMap Data
Learn how to gather code from widely used formats for use in data-driven applications

Built by MongoDB

Learn about GPU and CUDA programming

Built by Nvidia

Get a grasp on the basics of AI programming

Build and run a 3-D demo program based on meshes

Built by Autodesk

Software Testing New Coming Soon

Learn the significance of why it's important to make software fail in order to finesse your programming skills.

Learn basic design principles by practicing programming steps

Intro to Algorithms New Coming Soon

Develop the knowledge needed to figure out new algorithms for graphs and other useful data structures.

Programming Languages New Coming Soon

Work on building your own website that's able to parse and understand HTML and JavaScript.

Applied Cryptography New Coming Soon

Learn cryptography as used in everything from credit cards to telephones

Software Debugging New Coming Soon

Learn how to use Python to systematically and automatically debug programs.

Learn the basics of theoretical computer science

Ever wonder how Netflix can predict what movies you'll like? Or how Amazon knows what you want to buy before you do? The answer can be found in Unsupervised Learning!

Built by Georgia Institute of Technology

Learn more about TCP/IP stacks

Augment your experience in infrastructure management with this course on automation and distributed systems.

Built by Google

Technical Interview New Coming Soon

Applying for and obtaining a tech position can be tough

Built by Pramp

Take your first steps towards becoming a Java developer! Learn Java syntax and create conditional statements, loops, and functions.

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