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Udacity offers a range of online courses from Entrepreneurship, Design and Math to Physics and Genomics. These online courses are taught by subject matter experts in an engaging and interactive online experience. Check out the range of courses we have to offer.

How to Build a Startup New Coming Soon

Learn how to build a successful startup and realistic business model through fast-paced development and customer market data collection.

Product Design New Coming Soon

Project Validated Product Design
Dream up and design a product that aims to solve a problem and build out wireframes for product prototypes.

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App Monetization New Coming Soon

Project Monetization Plan
Learn how to use an app you've created to generate revenue using a strategy you formulate.

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Rapid Prototyping New Coming Soon

Project Interactive Prototype
Begin with a low-fidelity prototype and incorporate feedback to develop it into a medium-fidelity prototype that appeals to potential investors.

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App Marketing New Coming Soon

Project Marketing & Distribution Plan
Draft up a robust marketing plan that captures and retains your app users.

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Statistics New Coming Soon

We live in a time of unprecedented access to information. You'll learn how to use statistics to interpret that information and make decisions.

Built by San Jose State University

Learn the elements of designing everyday items and tasks

Intro Algebra Review New Coming Soon

Review introductory level algebra

College Algebra New Coming Soon

Learn in-depth about algebra and its principles

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Visualizing Algebra New Coming Soon

Learn how to utilize algebra in order to analyze problems and come up with solutions to life's everyday mathematical questions.

Built by San Jose State University

Learn how to use Python to program solutions to real-world problems

Intro to Physics New Coming Soon

Explore some of physics' most important questions from the last 2000 years through virtual application around European locations such as Italy and England.

Tales from the Genome New Coming Soon

Gain a basic understanding of genetics

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Intro to Psychology New Coming Soon

Gain a command of knowledge pertaining to human thoughts and behaviors by studying the basics of psychology's concepts and principles.

Built by San Jose State University

Get Your Startup Started New Coming Soon

Project Your Story
Define your startup's mission and vision while you create a business plan

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