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Udacity offers a range of online courses from Entrepreneurship, Design and Math to Physics and Genomics. These online courses are taught by subject matter experts in an engaging and interactive online experience. Check out the range of courses we have to offer.
Learn what it takes to build a successful startup using the Customer Development process, where entrepreneurs "get out of the building" to gather and iterate on feedback.

Product Design New

Project Validated Product Design
Learn product validation, UI/UX practices, Google’s Design Sprint and the process for setting and tracking actionable metrics.


App Monetization New

Project Monetization Plan
Learn how to effectively develop, implement, and measure your monetization strategy, iterating on the model as appropriate.


Rapid Prototyping New

Project Interactive Prototype
Learning to prototype will save you time and money in the development process. You’ll create quality apps faster and have confidence in the viability of your products.


App Marketing New

Project Marketing & Distribution Plan
This course will help you organize a strategy of identifying your perfect user, and teach you how to grow your user base by focusing your product on their needs.


We live in a time of unprecedented access to information. You'll learn how to use statistics to interpret that information and make decisions.

IN COLLABORATION WITH San Jose State University

This course will provide you with the insight to start recognizing the role of design in today’s world, and to start making better design decisions in your own life.

A brief review of introductory algebra topics including integer operations, scientific notation, algebraic expressions, linear equations, and graphing.

Gain an in-depth understanding of algebraic principles and learn how to use them to solve problems you may meet in everyday life.

IN COLLABORATION WITH San Jose State University

Learn the basics of Algebra through intuition and problem solving! From fractions to factors to functions, we’ll cover a breadth of topics.

IN COLLABORATION WITH San Jose State University

Write Python code to find numerical solutions to systems of differential equations. The models you create will fight wildfires, bring spaceships back to earth, and more!

Go to the places where big physics discoveries were made in the past and make them yourself. You’ll visit Italy, the Netherlands, and the UK as you learn basic physics.

Learn the basics of genetics, with a personal twist. This class is all about DNA and how it shapes who we are.


Go on a journey through psychological concepts and principles to enable you to gain a more in-depth understanding of human thought and behavior.

IN COLLABORATION WITH San Jose State University

Get Your Startup Started New

Project Your Story
Acquire the know-how necessary to see your business grow towards its next milestone.


Learn how to use Microsoft Excel to navigate a spreadsheet, manipulate and summarize data, and create engaging visualizations.

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