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Data Science

Learn data science from industry experts at Facebook, Cloudera, MongoDB, Georgia Tech, and more. We offer courses in data science where you’ll learn to solve data-rich problems and apply this knowledge to your big data needs. Whether you’re new to the field or looking for additional training, we have introductory, advanced, and industry-specific courses to meet your learning goals.

Data Analyst Nanodegree New Coming Soon

11 Projects
Gain insights into data patterns and formulate predictions via machine learning with a Nanodegree in Data Analysis.

172 Built by Facebook, MongoDB

Machine Learning Engineer Nanodegree New Coming Soon

11 Projects
Combine knowledge from computer science

237 Built by kaggle

Deep Learning New Coming Soon

Project Build a Digit Recognition Program
Show off what you've learned in your Nanodegree program with a project that defines

Built by Google

Intro to Data Analysis New Coming Soon

Project Investigate a Dataset
Select a Udacity-curated dataset and learn beginning data-investigation principles by using NumPy and Pandas for analysis.

Intro to Computer Science New Coming Soon

Project Final Project
Start learning Python basics by building your own personalized versions of popular apps.

A/B Testing New Coming Soon

Project Design an A/B Test
Design and implement an A/B test to determine the efficacy of potential improvements to an online site or mobile app while specifying metrics to measure.

Built by Google

Intro to Machine Learning New Coming Soon

Project Identify Fraud from Enron Email
Dig deeper into the principles of machine learning and create an algorithm that helps detects fraud

Data Visualization and D3.js New Coming Soon

Project Make Effective Data Visualization
Draft a data visualization that highlights trends or patterns in a set of data by using dimple.js or d3.js.

Intro to Hadoop and MapReduce New Coming Soon

Project Final Project
Learn what Hadoop is

Built by Cloudera

Learn how to process big data streams and scalably interpret this information by using Apache Storm.

Built by Twitter

Data Analysis with R New Coming Soon

Project Explore and Summarize Data
Use exploratory data analysis techniques and R to better understand the relationships between variables in datasets.

Built by Facebook

Intro to Descriptive Statistics New Coming Soon

3 Projects
If you're unfamiliar with the basics of statistics

Intro to Inferential Statistics New Coming Soon

Project Test a Perceptual Phenomenon
Analyze the Stroop effect by using descriptive statistics and creating a statistical test that draws conclusions from input data results.

Data Wrangling with MongoDB New Coming Soon

Project Wrangle OpenStreetMap Data
Learn how to gather code from widely used formats for use in data-driven applications

Built by MongoDB

Learn how to extrapolate real-life answers from datasets while building models to collect that data.

Built by AT&T

Intro to Statistics New Coming Soon

Learn how to understand and see the relationships between data through the application of systematic mathematical techniques.

Intro to Data Science New Coming Soon

2 Projects
Create and implement a data science project from beginning to end while you learn to analyze datasets and perform testing.

Ever wonder how Netflix can predict what movies you'll like? Or how Amazon knows what you want to buy before you do? The answer can be found in Unsupervised Learning!

Built by Georgia Institute of Technology

Machine Learning New Coming Soon

Learn and practice a variety of Supervised

Built by Georgia Institute of Technology

Reinforcement Learning New Coming Soon

Project Train a Smartcab to Drive
Use reinforcement learning techniques to construct a demonstration of a smart taxi operating safely and efficiently in real time.

Built by Georgia Institute of Technology

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