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Machine Learning Engineer with Microsoft Azure

Nanodegree Program

Using Azure Machine Learning’s MLOps capabilities, students will gain experience in understanding ML models, protecting people and their data, and controlling the end-to-end ML lifecycle at scale.

Using Azure Machine Learning’s MLOps capabilities, students will gain experience in understanding ML models, protecting people and their data, and controlling the end-to-end ML lifecycle at scale.

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3 months

Real-world Projects

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Last Updated August 30, 2023

Skills you'll learn:
Azure ML user management • Azure data services • AI business context • Azure ML platform
HTTP • Model training • Basic Python

Courses In This Program

Course 1 45 minutes

Welcome to Machine Learning Engineer with Microsoft Azure

Welcome to Udacity! We're excited to share more about your nanodegree and start this journey with you! In this course, you will learn more about the pre-requisites, structure of the program, and getting started!

Course 2 4 weeks

Using Azure Machine Learning

Machine learning is a critical business operation for many organizations. Learn how to configure machine learning pipelines in Azure, identify use cases for Automated Machine Learning, and use the Azure ML SDK to design, create, and manage machine learning pipelines in Azure.

Course 3 4 weeks

Machine Learning Operations

This course covers a lot of the key concepts of operationalizing Machine Learning, from selecting the appropriate targets for deploying models, to enabling Application Insights, identifying problems in logs, and harnessing the power of Azure’s Pipelines. All these concepts are part of core DevOps pillars that will allow you to demonstrate solid skills for shipping machine learning models into production.

Course 4 4 weeks

Capstone - Azure Machine Learning Engineer

This capstone project gives you the opportunity to use the Azure Machine learning knowledge you have obtained from this Nanodegree to solve the problem of your interest.

Taught By The Best

Photo of Erick Galinkin

Erick Galinkin

Principal AI Researcher | Rapid7

Erick Galinkin is a hacker and computer scientist, leading research at the intersection of security and artificial intelligence at Rapid7. He has spoken at numerous industry and academic conferences on topics ranging from malware development to game theory in security.

Photo of Noah Gift

Noah Gift

Founder of Pragmatic AI Labs

Noah Gift teaches and consults at top universities and companies globally, including Duke and Northwestern. His areas of expertise are Machine Learning, MLOps, A.I., Data Science, and Cloud Architecture. Noah has authored several bestselling books, including Python for DevOps.

Photo of Soham Chatterjee

Soham Chatterjee


Soham is an Intel® Software Innovator and a former Deep Learning Researcher at Saama Technologies. He is currently a Masters by Research student at NTU, Singapore. His research is on Edge Computing, IoT and Neuromorphic Hardware.

Photo of Alfredo Deza

Alfredo Deza


Alfredo Deza is a passionate software engineer, avid open source developer, Vim plugin author, photographer, and former Olympic athlete. He has rebuilt company infrastructure, designed shared storage, and replaced complex build systems, always in search of efficient and resilient environments.

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Machine Learning Engineer with Microsoft Azure


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