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Assumes 6hr/wk (work at your own pace)

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Course Summary

In this class we’ll pose deep questions about the craft of punch card programming:

  • How big should should you make the holes?
  • Where should you store your cards?
  • How should you protect your code from security issues risks like rats, fire, and water?

You’ll learn the answers to these questions and more in Intro to Punch Card Programming!

Why Take This Course?

You’ll learn state of the art techniques in punch-card programming like:

  • Punching cards
  • Programming
  • Why your IDE likes 80 column lines

Prerequisites and Requirements

Basic card shuffling and organizational skills a plus, but not required. Just bring an open mind and a lot of patience!

See the Technology Requirements for using Udacity.

What Will I Learn?


Lesson 1: Punching Like a Pro

Lesson 2: Security Issues: Rats, Fire, and Water

Lesson 3: Storage: Where and How to Store Your Cards

Lesson 4: Machine Learning in 4K of Memory or Less

Lesson 5: Debugging: Reducing Debugging Cycles From Two Days to One

Lesson 6: Best Practices: Effective Bribery of Machine Operators

Lesson 7: Comparing Techniques for Real-World Punch Card Sorting

Lesson 8: Keeping Your Cool with a Giant Roof-Size Fan Blowing Overhead

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