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GT - Refresher - Advanced OS

Free Course

Optional background course for GT CS6210

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In collaboration with
  • Georgia Institute of Technology

About this course

The course covers the basics of Memory Systems, File Systems, Multithreaded Programming, and Networking. Together these form a strong foundation from which the student can understand cutting edge research in the areas of Virtualization, Distributed Systems, and Internet-scale services in the GT Advanced Operating Systems sequence.

What you will learn

  1. Memory Systems
    • File Systems
      • Multithreaded Programming
        • Networking

          Prerequisites and requirements

          No prior knowledge of Operating System concepts is assumed; however, the course is dense, since it is intended as a refresher for the student who already has some exposure to OS concepts.

          See the Technology Requirements for using Udacity.

          Why take this course?

          Highlights of the course include a deep coverage of:

          • cache systems and strategies
          • how virtual memory is implemented
          • the FAT and ext2 file systems
          • the pthreads interface
          • the network protocol stack and the architecture of the Internet.

          Learn with the best.

          • Charles Brubaker
            Charles Brubaker