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Product Manager Nanodegree program: What’s changed? Why enroll?

Udacity released the Product Manager Nanodegree program in March of 2020, in response to the explosive growth of the role and the lack of substantive content to help professionals learn the skill set needed to succeed in product management roles. Since then, product management has remained among the highest growth, most in-demand roles out there.

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Growing fast. And gaining speed. 

According to a recent “State of Skills” report from the Burning Glass Institute, the Business-Higher Education Forum, and Wiley, in which they analyzed hundreds of millions of recent U.S. job postings, “product management” was identified as one of four of the fastest-growing, highest-demand emerging skill sets. Plus, industries from tech to health care and everything in between are on the lookout for these skills. The product management trend continues to skyrocket post-launch of the program.

One of our most popular programs. For good reason. 

In the two years since we released the Product Manager Nanodegree program, almost 10,000 learners have enrolled. And over 800 learners have rated the program an average of 4.7 out of 5 stars. We’ve gone on to launch a School of Product Management, with additional offerings such as AI Product Manager, Data Product Manager, and Growth Product Manager.

“So far, my experience has been awesome. I am currently enrolled in the PM Nanodegree and the program has surpassed my expectations. I find the projects to be very interesting and the project reviewers to be super helpful and knowledgeable. It’s been a while since I enjoyed learning like this.” –Manni O, Udacity Learner

Revamped. And better than ever. 

Having up-to-date and relevant content is essential. So we’ve added a new instructor and new project, covering a range of best practices that product managers regularly leverage. Those topics include the lifecycle of a code change, collaboration with remote/distributed teams, quality assurance (QA), “dogfooding” programs, and go/no-go launch meetings. We also removed some content that turned out to be more technical than was necessary for success. What remains? Instructors with real industry experience, including two different product managers from Google.

“I would highly recommend this Nanodegree for anyone, whether you are coming from a software background or not and looking to shift to a product management role. The course outline is really organized, the shared resources and the project topics are all relevant and gives you the tools you need as a PM.” –Alaa M, Udacity Learner

Meeting to discuss project timeline.

Companies across industries are practically desperate to hire product managers, and the skill set is right at your fingertips. Enroll today.

Patrick Donovan
Patrick Donovan
Head of Consumer Marketing at Udacity