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5 Benefits of Upskilling Your Employees

As technology evolves, businesses find new ways to operate and require employees who can collaborate better, create more efficiently, and meet the goal within a shorter period of time. With the growing demand for skilled workers in particular areas, employers need to ensure their workforce is up to date on the latest trends and technologies. 

If you’re not getting the results you want from your employees, it might be time to upskill them! 

Can Your Employees Code?

One of the easiest ways to uplevel your business is to teach your current employees how to code.The coding skills that are required in software development and are also necessary for data scientists, data engineers, and data analysts.

Why You Need to UpSkill Your Employees

It is essential to offer employees professional development options within the company, but sometimes external training with a professional organization is necessary. They might need computer training, or language training, or human resources skills. Visionary leaders know how to provide this type of learning when the moment calls for it.

  1. Training is a great way to inspire people. Training can encourage employees to take their jobs seriously. According to Edgepoint Learning, it also inspires them to make decisions, stay on top of tasks, and do as much as possible to help the company succeed. When people feel like they are making a difference, they will be more committed to their jobs.
  1. Training is a great marketing tool. Training can also help you sell more of your products and services because people will want to learn what you have to offer. You can make your products or services more appealing by providing training in them. 
  1. Training leads to retention. When people are trained at work, they are more likely to stay. People who are happy at work are less likely to look for another job or leave the company. According to Harvard Business Review, the most obvious solution to upping employee retention, then, is creating more effective training and development programs. 
  1. Training creates loyalty. Training is something that people look forward to because it allows them to learn new things and improve their skills. Employees who are trained at work are also less likely to be laid off. 
  1. Training reduces turnover. When people are trained at work, they are less likely to quit. People who are qualified are also more likely to be retained for more extended periods.

If Your Employee Needs More Than Coding Skills

When your employees need more development, you want to make sure that they get what they need. We live in a world that is constantly changing. The skill sets that once were the most relevant are now obsolete, and the necessary ones today will inevitably change with time. The good news, however, is that all of these changes can be managed. The key to finding talent for your company is to do the following:

  • Identify the skills that are still relevant. Since they are likely to be in demand, you’ll want to ensure that you hire for these skills. 
  • Recognize the changing job requirements for your business. These new skills might include a focus on cloud-based technologies or virtual assistance. 
  • Understand that these changes are likely to be temporary.

Upskill Your Employees with Udacity

There are so many benefits to upskilling your employees. If you’re interested in bringing online training to your company, check out Udacity for Enterprise and transform your workforce today.

Eraina Ferguson
Eraina Ferguson
Eraina Ferguson is the Marketing and Communications Manager at Udacity. Her recent monologue, Listen to Her, was read by actress Marla Gibbs and featured at the WACO Theatre’s 50in50 event. Her writing has been featured on NBC Universal, Red Tricycle, LA Parents Magazine, and the LA Times. Eraina lives in California with her husband and children.