Udacity Teams Up with OneTen to Increase Employment Opportunities for Black Talent

It’s no secret that diversity has been a struggle in Silicon Valley. While Black people make up over 13% of the population in the United States, most of the major tech companies have very few Black workers. In fact, over half of tech companies have 5% or less Black people on staff.

To help change this, Udacity is proudly partnering with OneTen to become a talent developer.

What is OneTen?

OneTen is a group of CEOs and companies who have committed to hiring and promoting 1 million Black individuals without four-year college degrees into family-sustaining American jobs. They have also pledged to keep an ongoing commitment to helping those people retain their jobs, develop in their careers, and advance.

How Will Udacity’s Partnership With OneTen Help Black Communities?

Udacity’s goal in partnering with OneTen is to help increase educational and employment opportunities to underrepresented groups. As a OneTen talent provider, Udacity will connect current learners and alumni to job opportunities on the OneTen Platform.

Learners and graduates will also be entered into a pipeline of qualified individuals from the Black community that employers in the OneTen Platform want to hire.

How Does Udacity Develop Talent?

Udacity provides flexible online learning opportunities for people who are interested in tech. From product management to coding, data analysis to cloud computing, there are lots of courses and Nanodegree programs available for those who wish to upskill, advance their career, or start a new career.

With Udacity, it’s possible to land a dream job at a tech company without shelling out for a four-year university. Many students even work while taking their courses. It’s common for students to go on to work for big companies, like Google or Amazon, after earning Nanodegree programs from Udacity because those companies helped to design Udacity’s coursework.

Want more information? Learn more about our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives or check out our catalog of free courses and Nanodegree programs to get started today.

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Jennifer Shalamanov
Jennifer Shalamanov
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