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Udacity Mentor Spotlight: The Art of Learning with Elena Garcia-Miro Eidson

Mentoring students at Udacity has proven to be a holistic experience for mentors. They don’t just guide learners with knowledge and thoughtfulness, but develop mindful relationships with other mentors and students while building on their own skills.

Elena Garcia-Miro Edison, chief data analyst and co-founder of Intellectus Data, is also a mentor at Udacity for the Predictive Analytics for Business and the Business Analytics Nanodegree programs.

After graduating from the Bertelsmann Data Science Scholarship from Udacity, Elena was invited to become a Udacity mentor in December 2019. 

“I took the opportunity without a blink,” said Elena. She believes that mentorship does not just entail owning technical expertise,  it’s equally important  to understand that it requires patience, empathy, and the art of learning how to learn.

Elena’s Udacity Learning Journey 

Elena remembers when she was a learner at Udacity.

“Apart from the extraordinary technical content, I fell in love with the method of teaching that used simple language, fun facts, and a sense of humor to convey solid technical substance. I was amazed at the ease with which we were introduced to complex concepts in such a painless way.”

Elena observed the key role that mentors play in the success of Udacity’s services as a mentee throughout her Nanodegree program. She saw first-hand how mentors can go beyond sharing their technical expertise and create  a fantastic learning experience.

Elena encourages her learners by fueling their passion for learning and provides guidance to address any frustrations. She also motivates them to be curious. As a result, the response from her learners has been “overwhelmingly positive and rewarding.”

Making an Impact as a Mentor

Elena is grateful for the impact she’s been able to make on her students’ lives as a Udacity mentor. “I had the honor to mentor a U.S. Peace Corps Officer who wrote me a beautiful farewell note thanking me for my role in his successful graduation. Another dear student offered to work in my company pro bono just for the learning experience.”

Elena also shares that she recently  received an email from one of her mentees thanking her for her counselling, which led to the mentee being offered a Data Analyst for Healthcare position at her firm.

“Knowing that I have contributed to improve someone’s life gives me the joy of knowing that my work has a life lasting value. The experience continues to be filled with discovery and learning, not only about the technicalities of mentoring, but about the human element involved in transmitting knowledge and helping students,” she further adds.

Learn more about how you can become a mentor at Udacity and help students get the skills they need to succeed in tech.


Jennifer Shalamanov
Jennifer Shalamanov
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