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Thanks for joining us for the latest episode of the Udacity Learning Lab Podcast. Today, we’ll be chatting with Udacity student and software engineer Linda Chen.

While she graduated with a Master’s in Business back in 2019, Linda is now paving herself a different career path — she’s eager to put her web development skills to work.

Impressed by the fact that people in the industry actually use Udacity to transition into technical fields, Linda took both the Data Science and Full Stack Web Developer Nanodegrees. Currently, she’s working on crossing the C++ and Data Streaming Nanodegree programs off her list as well.

“Curriculum-wise you are set when you take a Nanodegree.”

Hear More About Linda’s Udacity Learning Journey

Linda discusses what differentiates Udacity from the competition and what you can expect from your Nanodegree program.

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Jennifer Shalamanov
Jennifer Shalamanov
Jennifer is a content writer at Udacity with over 10 years of content creation and marketing communications experience in the tech, e-commerce and online learning spaces. When she’s not working to inform, engage and inspire readers, she’s probably drinking too many lattes and scouring fashion blogs.