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AI Career Guide: AI Examples Across Industries

AI is everywhere. The proliferation of artificial intelligence has streamlined how we live and work. You can find AI examples in nearly every industry — including healthcare, entertainment, and tech.

The relevance of AI in every industry is part of the beauty of being an AI specialist. You don’t have to get pigeon-holed into one particular industry. Virtually every industry can benefit from someone skilled in AI.

To put a finer point on how AI specialists can find work in the industry of their choice, here are three AI examples in wildly different vocations that benefit from using this technology.

AI Example 1: Helping to Heal

Healthcare professionals spend years in school learning how to diagnose and treat patients with various illnesses. Even with all of that training, things will slip through the cracks because the amount of data to observe is too much for one person to analyze. 

Artificial intelligence has changed that.

In an interview between Web MD , David B. Agus, MD —a professor of medicine and engineering— talked about how applying machine learning to millions of patient data points helped healthcare workers discover that putting ovarian cancer patients on a beta-blocker helped them live almost 5 years longer. 

Individual doctors and researchers may have never made this connection, but machines using AI were able to connect the dots.

This is just one AI example applied to healthcare that can help medical professionals use this technology to improve patient outcomes.

Register for our AI for Healthcare in the TIme of COVID-19 Virtual Conference to learn more about the practical applications of AI and how it’s helping fight the spread of this deadly virus.

AI Example 2: Streamlining Travel

According to the National Safety Council, 38,000 people lost their lives in car crashes in 2019. Of those accidents, 90% of them involved human error, particularly due to distracted driving.

Artificial intelligence doesn’t suffer from the same distractions.

Self-driving cars are able to take in and compute vast amounts of data without feeling the urge to look away from the road or send a quick text to a friend. 

While there have been reported accidents from companies testing the technology, autonomous vehicles are significantly safer than regular cars.

Top experts studying self-driving cars predict that vehicle automation will become the norm within the next decade. It’s not uncommon to see new vehicles come with AI features like automatic parking. In fact, Tesla already sells cars that can drive themselves on the freeway.

If you’re interested in learning more about vehicle automation, check out Udacity’s Self-Driving Car Engineer Nanodegree program.

AI Example 3: Smarter Entertainment

Due to shelter in place orders that are mandatory all over the world, people are spending more time than usual consuming various forms of entertainment. 

But even with extra time on your hands, there is so much entertainment content available that it’s actually impossible to consume it all, even if you kept the TV on nonstop. 

Sure, you can get recommendations from friends, but they likely have vastly different tastes than you do.

That’s where AI comes into play. 

Companies like Netflix and Spotify leverage machine learning algorithms to learn what kind of entertainment you like best. Once you’ve finished watching a show or listening to a song, they will recommend a new one for you to try, based on large amounts of data points, like your age, location, and previously watched content.

Become an AI Expert

There’s never been a better time to work in AI. According to LinkedIn’s 2020 Emerging Jobs Report, jobs for AI specialists has grown by 74% every year for the last four years.

Based on the way technology is constantly iterating job growth will continue, if not increase.

If you’re interested in making a meaningful impact using AI in an industry you’re passionate about, check out Udacity’s School of AI to begin your learning journey. 

Programs range from technical (Intro to Machine Learning with TensorFlow and Deep Learning) to business (AI for Business Leaders and AI Product Manager), so there’s something for everyone.

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Jennifer Shalamanov
Jennifer Shalamanov
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