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Udacity’s Contribution to the COVID-19 Crisis: One Free Month Access to Nanodegree Programs

At this point, we’ve all been changed by COVID-19. Our normal lives have halted and our day-to-day activities have been turned upside down. Here’s what we’ve experienced so far:

  • Hundreds of millions of people around the world are quarantined or working from home. 
  • Schools and universities are shut down, and parents and educators are scrambling to move to a virtual learning environment. 
  • Millions and soon to be tens of millions of people have lost their jobs.

If you’ve been laid-off, or stuck working at home, or even have stir-crazy kids that need something to do, we can help.

We’re taking the unprecedented move of offering everyone one free month on one of 40 premium Nanodegree programs. 

The Macro Perspective on Covid-19

Traditionally, in economic downturns people have gone back to college and reskilled themselves. In fact, college enrollments boom in recessions. Moreover, many of the most successful tech businesses are founded in these times. 

However, taking two years out of your career — plus the high cost of tuition — can be a massive financial commitment. And, many university degrees aren’t at all aligned to employable job skills. The system is geared towards the needs of the past 100 years and not the needs of the future and the world’s most sophisticated employers.

There’s a Better Answer

At Udacity, we’ve crafted our entire learning platform to be the fastest, most effective way to learn employable job skills in the careers of the future. Normally, it takes four to six months (at about 10 hours a week) on our platform to learn a high-tech skill like machine learning, data analytics, software development, digital marketing, product management, or software development for self-driving cars. 

If you can devote more time, you can learn one of these employable skills in as little as a month — and that month is on us.

So, take this crazy, unsettling time to cram for your new, high-paying job. It’s free. 

The Udacity Mission

At Udacity, our mission is to train the world’s workforce in the jobs of the future and to make learning in-demand skills accessible and convenient for everyone. 

“The Udacity team recognizes that several communities will be heavily impacted by this new normal,” said Udacity CEO Gabe Dalporto. 

“With that said, we want to help students, small business owners, gig workers, and employees of large companies accelerate their education and career upskilling by offering one free month on any Udacity program. We know that in some cases this can’t replace lost income or time in class, but it can help provide opportunities to sharpen much-needed skills that are necessary for the future of work,” he added.

This move to online learning is uncharted territory for many, but we hope people will realize the possibilities of online learning and what it can offer.

Please review our Nanodegree catalog to choose which program is right for you. Be advised that this offer is only for the U.S. and Europe and is limited to one Nanodegree program per student. This is the first of a number of steps we’re taking to support people in this uncertain time.

This phased approach is designed to ensure that our platform can cope with the demand and that we provide the very best experience – we will be announcing new initiatives over the coming weeks and months.

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